Thursday, December 09, 2010


Amiraaah do not open your bday present yet! >:D
I secretly love taking candid pics. They look more natural :D Duh
At the surau. Non-candid pics is in Alya's camera tho. But she's currently disconnected from ze internet.
Alya marah kalau amik gambar candid dia xD
ehak ehak, gua suka buat orang marah :D
Skool's ovahh babayy, we gonn' smoke!
Ok not =.= Every puff takes 11 seconds out of your life y'know.

Alhamdulillah SPM is over.

Not sure if I should put a smiley over there, or maybe a gazillion exclamation marks.. Yesterday, after I came out of the exam hall, I was practically dancing (not as ecstatic when Barca won the match over RMA though eheee) and high five-ing and just being silly (this sentence needs more elaboration, put lemme put a full stop to that). Not sure what went over me though. I was circling around Amirah and then I had stomach cramps =.= And even my mom was shocked because she knew I'm a wee bit crazehh. ok no let's go with outgoing with the ones I'm rehelly close with, that is, but she was shocked when Alya and I were taking pictures at the busstop and doing some errr stunts. Ok ok I did -.-

And now, I feel sort of empty. Firstly, it's because that I kept thinking:

"What am I going to do now?"
"Who am I?"
"What have I become?" (Spidey style)
"With great power comes great responsibi
"Being a student sitting for SPM just took my life out of me (no rolling ze eyes pliz) and now I'm just a person who made a tumblr yesterday and reblogged 60+ posts in 14 hours."
"For these past few weeks, before I do anything, before I eat, before I tried to play football in the house in my kain batik, before I do any chores, before I eat, I'd read up a bit and try to memorize some facts in my head while I work, but now, I feel empty."

And another reason is because I didn't get to say a proper face-to-face goodbye to my teachers and all my friends that are still sitting for SPM (ehak) and also to the ones that I am not really close with, out of mere shyness.


There's still the results-taking part in this equation.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fading into beautiful light

The best cover of a song I've heard.

Tomorrow is the last day of SPM. Not sure if I should be elated or saddened by the thought of saying goodbye.
Goodbye to teachers and the friends and schoolmates that I'd probably never see again, that is, not ze books -.-

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

High fiveeeeeeee!

islandwaters:My #1 gladiator  <3
fuckyeahdavid-villa:guajevilla7:davidwondervilla:Villa says: HEY! MESSI! :Daw his expreessioonThis is so cute!

Salam allo.

We had Agama paper today. Alhamdulilah, it was ok but there were really hard questions, and some I even "melopong"ed. Oh yes, especially the tajweed. I know how to recite the kalimah, but I don't know what's the term -.- Aiyoo, my grandfather's gonna be disappointed because he taught me that tajweed law! There was a topic that I was going like, "Aiyaah, they won't come out laa, for sure one."

Then it did.


Barcelona won 5-0! I was practically dancing (yes I did -.-) when I know of the news 6.30 in the morning. I came back home and I was still dancing! -.- I'm REALLY REALLY happy, eventhough I didn't watch the game (Astro was plugged off). Huhuuuuu. Leo didn't score a single goal, but he made two successful assists to David Villa, and that's really something to praise him for.

Xavi, when he knew Leo was fouled.

Barcelona won to Rea - I can't bring myself to write the name. Because Leo was fouled (as you can see from the linked video). Leo gained his composure after that guy made him fall, and after that, that guy hit Leo in the face! WHAT'S UP WITH THATTT! !@#$%!

I'm going to cleopatra-dance and fuel myself with sweltering anger and hatred some more. Bye.

(Ok, just had Agama paper. I need to be calmmmmm.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

17 on the nineteenth!

May Allah always bless you :D


She's an anime fanatic.
She loves the Hunger Games series.
A saliva-er.
She wants a Satrio Neo.
Never put any piece of important document around her. Eveeeeer, I tell ya!
She loves Lee Joon, TOP (yes the detergent. ehak) and Donghae.
And Adam bin Jantan Lambert.
A scrambled egg expert. According to her la -.- So far I've no authentic reference, ehak.
A fashion bird and love bangles.
She can't wait to get her license. Now you can! :D After SPM -.-
She's the only person who I've been in the same class for 8 years straight.
She won the taekwando NATIONALSS.
I tried "fighting" with her once. I hurt my hand. Isk.
She loves history.
She smiles a lot. REHEELY creepy smiles on "Hyper Mondays". ehaak.
Her favourite in Ouran High School Host Club is Tamaki, like me! :D
She has a SUPERB talent in drawing.
Obsessed with pen-collecting back in Form 1.
Her uncle was friends with my father, Baba while they were studying in the US O.O small world.
Made Malay translations to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" with Hanisah xD
She's got a goat business or something but never eats MUTTON.
And she won't everrr.
If you know me you'd know how I feel about mutton.
She taught me a lesson a two about life.
She's one of my best friends :D

The fight.


When he was a boy, Lionel Messi was playing for Newell's junior team. He was late for a match because he was locked in a bathroom. His team was down 0-1 at half time. Leo arrived at the match at half-time by breaking the glass window of the bathroom. He turned the match upside down by scoring two goals to make it 3-1.

SPM is just a few days away, and the anxiety is building up by the second (pretty obvious eh?). Well, here I am, blogging after almost a month, to remind all of us to be strong to face this part of the equation. Great stories always start with a toil, with a problem, with a situation that seems impossible to break free. For example, Leo's above 8D

These things make good stories. Like, for instance, people certainly don't want to hear you boasting on being on top of the world and filthy rich just because you simply inherited your father's hard work, right? So just keep your chin up and charge the mountain, but still remain your down-to-earthness (-.-) by remembering the people who stood up for you and who was there for you all this while. And do keep a reminder that everything happens for a reason, no matter how unjust it turned out to be for He is the All-knowing. Insyaallah we'd all get through it. Fightingg!

Ok why do i like to point at people? -.-

Stolen from Puan Shing Yee's and Sze Yuen's FB! :D
Copyright infringement intended.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another similarity :D

Do watch the vid at 3:10 onwards 


Monday, October 18, 2010

Sembilan Sembilan Lapan

Salam hola. Patik mencemar duli (dengan memblog) untuk mengistyiharkan bahawa... esok raya! Ok tahpape -.- Untuk mengistyiharkan bahawa patik hanya perlu memuat turun 2 gambar sahaja lagi untuk mencapai angka 1000 keping gambar di dalam fail komputer patik yang dibikin khusus untuk mengkompilasikan gambar-gambar Lionel Andres Messi yang patik kebetulan ketemu semasa melayari laman sesawang di internet... DI SAMPING mencari maklumat-maklumat tertentu tentang peperiksaan SPM yang akan menjelang tiba.

Sunday, October 10, 2010




Walaupun rakan-rakanku ternyata tidak mengeprisyiet hari yang begitu signifikan ini. Isk isk.
Oh well -.-


"Aw I'm touched!"

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I currently have 526 items in my 'la pulga' folder.

Salam, hola! :-)

YES. The trials are overrrr. Though, let's not talk about what's the next exam, aight? O.O I got a birthday card from my friends today, and it's got Leo in it! I also got one from Amirah the other day. Thank you so much :D It really means a lot. Insyaallah I'll post it some time around together with how I spent my birthday the other day (including three other posts in my draft -.-) 

The official Leo Messi website is finally up! And lookie here:

A flaw:
I am quite shy
A virtue:
I try to be a better person every day

Shy? Woww, we have a LOT in common, Leo 8D Ok, don't mind me. And of course, there are some other mutual things, but it's between us I'm too lazy to put it up.

Maher Zain was at UIA yesterday, for the Free Palestine program, and my auntie, Cik Su was there. She said that there was a LOT of people, and most importantly, Maher passed through her, and winked at her! Whoaa xD The next fan meeting would be at The Curve! Insyaallah I'd probably go there :-)

If you haven't heard of Maher Zain, well -- okay, I seriously don't have any witty remarks to exclaim here, but, try and have a listen to his music. I kept humming his songs during the exam, and had to force myself to focus on the paper and think about 'how does cutting a part of Mr X's small intestine affect his body mass' questions -.-

Friday, October 01, 2010


1. I vowed to not be on facebook or blogger until at least after the trials (googling Leo every day is a special exception) But I just need to lift my spirits up a bit after I realized "something" and after 7 days of sitting for exams.



2. Leo has healed and was awarded the Golden Boot or Sepatu Emas, if you're the type of person who watch Indonesian fairytale telemovies with your little sisters on TV3 all too frequently. *di bumi, lautan di udara, begitu banyak kisah tersimpan... dunia khayalan, dunia impian...* Moving on.

"All awards are special, but it is thanks to
the help of my team-mates that I have won,"
- Leo Messi.

3. I've told you in my birthday post that I've always wanted a picture with the sun shining down my back. But I want THIS picture with the sun shining down our my back. ehak.

EDIT: I told you in my bday post  before that I wanted to take a photo with a Leo Messi cardboard because I'd freak out if I ever met him in person. Turns out, it really EXISTS! 8D Ehahahak. But he looks young in this picture, and his hair was still long at the time.

4. I love Maher Zain's songs even more. The first one I've heard of his is InshaAllah, Palestine Will Be Free and The Chosen One, but my all-time favourite would have to be Open Your Eyes. These songs not only have good beats, but they remind you of all the things we've always took for granted, and they contain good messages for today's Muslims. And he's coming to Malaysia! He's coming to UIA and my auntie, Cik Su, who's studying there, got the tickets! There's going to be a fan meeting and everything! It's next Wednesday, DURING the trials, but Cik Su promised to buy some merchandises though, so I guess it's okay. He's holding a concert at MBSA Shah Alam in two weeks, but the tickets were sold out, too -.- Haaih. Maybe next time.

What makes this mv awesome is that some of the scenes are inspired by the life and teachings of Nabi Muhammad, you'll notice some of them, I'm sure :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Baba :D

May Allah always bless you :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get well soon!

FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique collide with Hercules' goalkeeper ended up bloody.
He even resumed playing after he was bandaged. Link
On top of that, FC Barcelona lost 0-2 :( Poor Pique.

Leo Messi has suffered more fouls that anyone I've ever seen (or noticed, ehak), but I've never seen him got hurt like this. He suffered an ankle ligament injury and it's all because of that Atletico Madrid guy! Just look at his swollen ankle! But they say there was no bone damage and that he could play in approximately two weeks and that he would miss at least two matches in that duration. On the bright slightly dim side, I could focus on the trials in that period. Which is not really a bright side; although FC Barcelona won 2-1 in the match against Atletico Madrid.

Here's the link to the fouler, Tomas Ujfalusi's apology at a press conference and a picture of a far grotesque look at the foul Leo Messi suffered. Look at his foot and that angle! Link

Poor Leo :(

Get well soon Leo! And to Aishah too, insyaallah.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The beginning.

On 17 September 2000, exactly 10 years ago, Lionel Messi and his father landed in Barcelona, Spain, hoping to do a test at FC Barcelona.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm 17! So..

17 Things That I Want To Do After SPM

  1. Learn Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish so that I could be Leo Messi's translator.
  2. Reread the Harry Potter series and rewatch the Back To The Future trilogy and watch all P. Ramlee movies.
  3. Witness a whale and swim with dolphins. And play in the rain. No eye-roll, please -.-
  4. Take a photo with the sun shining down my back.
  5. Go to the only state in Malaysia I haven't been to, Sabah and also the Taman Negara. Or witness the mountains where some scenes in Lord Of The Rings were shot in New Zealand.
  6. Consider and rethink of being a wildlife photographer (one of many in my list) for Nat Geo or something someday. Because it's a perfect mix of my love for wildlife and Allah's wondrous creations and photography. I became inspired after watching a documentary of the world's greatest wildlife photographers and this. Though I've never took a single DECENT picture of any wild life. Would this be considered as wild life? -.- Kucing liar pon.
  7. Teach my sister and brother for his PMR.
  8. Prove to everyone that she too could excel, in things she loves, in her own way. And that there are more to things that meets the eye and the narrow judgments integrated in our heads.
  9. Perform Hajj or umrah, insyaallah. And finish the tafseer of Al-Quran, insyaallah.
  10. Visit my sister's grave in Iowa, insyaallah.
  11. Go to Palestine in a humanitarian effort. Hah, even here, I think I did close to nothing -.-
  12. Brave myself up to speak in front of a crowd. Though I've spoken to more than 100 people at that SMART ranger seminar :D But that's in front of people that I don't know at all (but with someone I love and know in the frontlah, like my parents, ecehceh -.-) It's more terrifying to speak in front of people that you do know.
  13. Cycle the whole town and smile to everyone that I happen to pass by and avoid getting weird stares and urgent calls to National Security.
  14. Eat a big chocolate bar all by myself for once. Jual ikan -.-
  15. Take a photo with a Leo Messi cardboard (because I'd freak out if I ever met him in person -.-)
  16. Take a photo with that pose I've always wanted with my siblings and have a photoshoot with my friends on freshly-mown grass but with loads of candid pictures.
  17. Make my parents smile.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Ummi :D

May Allah always bless you :D


Maaf zahir dan batin.


ARGENTINA wins over SPAIN by 4-1!