Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How my day went.

Just got back from running errands around the neighbourhood. WALKED to buy some things for my sister and WALKED to her school, and heard whispers from the kids “Hey, it’s a visitor!”
After freaking the kids out, I kept WALKING to find my sister’s class.
And got some help from 9-year-old kids who are SUPER ADORABLE and super nice to my sister’s class and we embarked on a journey across the seven seas WALKED to get there.
WALKED to the grocer’s to buy some grocery and food and WALKED to my other sister’s kindergarten to pick her up. And recorded some finishing touches for the video I’m going to edit of my friends when we hung out at the park and held a surprise birthday party for the February girls of which we WALKED to get there last fortnight. And I’ve to go to the driving academy to settle some payments and I’m WALKING to get there.  ok not really though
Why can’t I just have a driving license already ;____;