Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear amiga,

How I wish that I could tell her that she's not alone. That I, and I'm sure all of her dear friends would stay by her side, even if we're miles away. Even if we haven't met each other for months. Even if we don't know what she's going through and that it's okay if she won't tell us what's going on. Really, I don't mind. But what I do mind is that how I wish she has the strength to go through all this. How I wish I could tell her that I always miss her and her quirky attitudes and her happy-go-lucky ways and that she's lucky in ways that she don't realize and it hurts to see her like this.

Chin up, dear amiga.

He knows best. He always does. Something that is seemingly good for us might be bad for us, and the seemingly bad might be the best for us in the end. We can never know which is which and when is when. Only He does.

It'll be okay in the end. It always does. Let's find the strength to go on; and forward.