Thursday, December 09, 2010


Amiraaah do not open your bday present yet! >:D
I secretly love taking candid pics. They look more natural :D Duh
At the surau. Non-candid pics is in Alya's camera tho. But she's currently disconnected from ze internet.
Alya marah kalau amik gambar candid dia xD
ehak ehak, gua suka buat orang marah :D
Skool's ovahh babayy, we gonn' smoke!
Ok not =.= Every puff takes 11 seconds out of your life y'know.

Alhamdulillah SPM is over.

Not sure if I should put a smiley over there, or maybe a gazillion exclamation marks.. Yesterday, after I came out of the exam hall, I was practically dancing (not as ecstatic when Barca won the match over RMA though eheee) and high five-ing and just being silly (this sentence needs more elaboration, put lemme put a full stop to that). Not sure what went over me though. I was circling around Amirah and then I had stomach cramps =.= And even my mom was shocked because she knew I'm a wee bit crazehh. ok no let's go with outgoing with the ones I'm rehelly close with, that is, but she was shocked when Alya and I were taking pictures at the busstop and doing some errr stunts. Ok ok I did -.-

And now, I feel sort of empty. Firstly, it's because that I kept thinking:

"What am I going to do now?"
"Who am I?"
"What have I become?" (Spidey style)
"With great power comes great responsibi
"Being a student sitting for SPM just took my life out of me (no rolling ze eyes pliz) and now I'm just a person who made a tumblr yesterday and reblogged 60+ posts in 14 hours."
"For these past few weeks, before I do anything, before I eat, before I tried to play football in the house in my kain batik, before I do any chores, before I eat, I'd read up a bit and try to memorize some facts in my head while I work, but now, I feel empty."

And another reason is because I didn't get to say a proper face-to-face goodbye to my teachers and all my friends that are still sitting for SPM (ehak) and also to the ones that I am not really close with, out of mere shyness.


There's still the results-taking part in this equation.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fading into beautiful light

The best cover of a song I've heard.

Tomorrow is the last day of SPM. Not sure if I should be elated or saddened by the thought of saying goodbye.
Goodbye to teachers and the friends and schoolmates that I'd probably never see again, that is, not ze books -.-