Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Traffic Light by Rajiv Ashrafi.

Just remember, there's always a bright one ahead.
Just believe in that.
Just think of all the things we came to face over the years, how harsh it may be, how
unjust it was; we always found the shed of light at the end, in ways we never expected.
Even though it might takes some time to do so.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

17 on the twenty-eighth!

May Allah always bless you :D

ain nabilah

She adores YUI.
She even had YUI as the title for her form 4 English oral test.
She looks a bit like YUI too. I assumed they were seperated at birth.
In increment of 6 years though... OK, my theory has its flaws, lantak ah x)
She's one of the smartest in her class.
My Speedo-Marto buddy along with Alya (and very recently, Amirah too)
She learns taekwando.
She's friendly and likes to laugh.
We're neighbours, haha :D
The youngest in our family were born in the same year!
(I'm gonna make sure they're gonna marry someday. ehekehek)
She already has a motor license which was envied by Amirah xD
And I assume she's going to take her driver's license soon! awhh!
She wants to be a translator. Like me! :D (one of my very long list of cita-cita)
She's my friend :)

(hope you like the box of chocolates we gave you! :D)

Last week.

Dialah sahaja yang menguasai dan memiliki langit dan bumi; dan kepada Allah jualah dikembalikan segala urusan.

~ Surah Al-Hadiid 57:5

(I know she's strong and could face this with redha and acceptance, insyaallah)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me Casa Alone-s!

Salam, allo. Ahh missed my blog oredi. I haven't updated for a week. Aiyoyaa my legs are fatigued! But, I'll check up on that later. Yesterday, after home from co-curricular activities, I found that I'm...

(me casa alones!)

Wohoooo. (not that this is the first timelah) And just guess where my family went? MID VALLEY! And they called me and teased me and everything, they even went to MPH! This is the second (and consecutively) time that I was left out from Lembah Tengah (erk, Mid Valley la. cis.) trip. The first because I was at Amirah's discussing on the oral test thing.

So I suddenly remembered that I promised Alya that I'd teach her some Adobe Photoshop techniques. To cut the story short, I went to her house (which is about 120 metres away) invited by Alya for some spaghetti! Yum yum it was delicious! So I wasn't exactly home alone after all ehek. Then we embarked on a journey to went to my house for some photoshopping. My family then returned and showed me their newly-bought books. Counting books, story books, ibadah books and an SPM Add Maths reference book for me, perhaps to ease my heartbreak (and not my anxiety), ehekehek.

Back to the fatigued leg, we had long jump sports today. I represented blue house in my category as always. NOT because I'm a Galina Chistyavoka, that's to be guaranteed, eheh. So it was me, Amirah, Aishah, Mariyam, Tze Jean, Kah Yee and Daneeta. Guess who's Top 4 and qualified for finals? Me and Amirah, Aishah and Mariyam! It's a bit awkward since we're friends and competing against each other. But as always, I got the fourth place in long jump for 3 consecutive years (except for one year I think). But, I don't mind really. It's about the sportsmanship. Congrats to Amirah, Aishah and Mariyam, btw! :D With that calories lost, I need to stack up on more!

Those who are eager willing to spend me five packets of nasi lemak, ikan patin masak lemak, santan KARA lemak berkrim or anything that has a word 'lemak' in its name, a whole dish of butter prawns,two boxes of 18-inch pizzas, a carton of chocolate ice-cream goodness, another carton of pistachio ice-cream, should could enquire me for further details. Thank you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's for breakfast?

The day before yesterday. I was late to cycle with Alya and Ain for the pancakes thing. eheh.

Salam, allo. Well, yesterday, Ummi asked me to make pancakes. Again! mwahaha. I already told myself that the only thing Western that I could eat everyday would be pancakes and *cough* lamb *cough* shank *cough!*. Ye saya ada perut kampung, saman saya. So it was pancakes for breakfast again like the day before.

Two less-than-1.1-metre-tall helpers. Tolonglah sangat -.-
Yana ni memang betullah menolong, hehe :D
Flip it!
Yana dok cakap pasal chocolate chip pancakes, dan mengenali chef dalamanku ini yang berinovasi

tinggi ambo dok pikir lah, "Chipsmore ada chocolate chips kan? ehehehhh..." Pastu letak sekali dengan vanilla
essence. Tapi try buat satu dululah untuk menguji tahap kesedapannya yang sudah pasti.
Pancakes with processedchocolate chip cookies in them and good ol' ones.
The pancakes were a bit (insert adjective here) because we were short of milk,
so we used water instead -.- But it was still fine alhamdulillah :)
Yana: Mana (pancake) syrup?
Anis Amanda: Tuuh! (sambil menuding jari ke arah botol ini) -.-
Good ol' pancake on top and vanilla chocolate chip pancake
on the bottom with crushed cookies in between. eheh.
It was great, but I think I prefer good ol' ones :DD And perhaps, I'd try real chocolate next time?
But of course, my little siblings prefer it more since, well, look at that pancake.
It practically screams "eat me!" to the little(r) ones, eh?

I start to miss good ol' Malaysian breakfast, nasi goreng with ikan masin... Pergh! Then, we decided to go to the Taman Layang-Layang Selayang the next day (todaylah). My hopes were fulfilled! Ummi was going to make ikan masak lemak, sambal udang, ikan masin (!) and fry some of those Ayamas drummets :DD We had breakfast there. Ammar and Nini brought along their bikes too.

Breakfast :D
Ummi makes the best ikan masak lemak EVERRR. I remembered I brought
ikan patin masak lemak to school when I was in form 2, heheh, it was a big hit! :D

Yes, we brought mats!

Slide on the slides! (cheesy caption, eh? -.-)
Swinging on the swings!

So if you ask me, which breakfast I prefer the most? Well, both actually. But I think it edges a bit more to the ikan masak lemak. eheh. You can never beat a mom's water hand air tangan! :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A beautiful hadith.

Rasulallah s.a.w. bersabda:
Apabila salah seorang di antara kamu jadi imam, maka hendaklah meringkaskan solatnya, sebab manusia itu ada yang tua, kecil, lemah dan ada yang memiliki keperluan lain. Kecuali bila seseorang di antara kamu bersendirian, bolehlah memanjangkan solat sehendak hatinya.

- Hadis riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Term break!

(mitok maap deh sebab roti tu penyek, Arissa, ehehh.)

Salam, allo :)

Today was sukantara. The end. Ok, next. Ummi asked me to buy some groceries at the nearby convenience store which was very near the school after school. So I did. Due to pity, all about 6 of them offered me their ice-cream, mwahaha, I know I look so innocent! (ignore that.) Well then the others stampede! hurrily climbed on pak cik's van leaving us behind. We were going to cross the road towards the bus stop (the ritual of second-trip-ers). There were dozens of cars passing by so we just waited for the chance to safely cross. Then a thought came past. I was wearing an instant hijab (in black ye, so it didn't appear much as an instant hijab, eheh.) and a bag of groceries tightly clutched in my hand. Amirah and Alya were engulfing eating ice-creams.

Cutting the story short, I grabbed Alya and Amirah's hand with the grocery bag.

Saya: Tengok kiri dan tengok kanan, ye nak-nak.
Alya & Amirah: Ok makk... Alaaaa.. aiskrim tumpah, huhu...
Shu yang sedang menunggu bapanya kat belakang: Oooi, tak lintas-lintas lagi kerr??

Eheheh. And anyway, sorry for the penyek-ed roti. And insyaAllah Baba's coming home today! Alhamdulillah, hehe :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A year from now!

(asat ambo jeles kat teddy sorang ni? -.-)

Salam, hello :) After we sat for our Civics exam of which five sixth of the time I spent on sketching a mural for the wall of the toilet (don't ask -.-) we scampered to the balcony to see our ex-seniors taking their SPM results. Like Hazirah said, "Untuk ambil iktibar..." It was a long wait though. First Amirah was super-inspired to study while Alya and I was feeling very nervous equivalent to that of the ones who were ACTUALLY taking the results. eheh. Zaheen (and Syafiqah as well >:)) noticed us peering to the crowd of ex-seniors and say 'Cukup-cukuplaaahh..." and some other things I couldn't remember. eheh. He said that some brought their own cars and all.

Of course Amirah was jealous because she's the most eager-est person eagerly wanting with eagerness to obtain a driver's license that I know of. Well, the wait went on. Then there's a sidang redaksi meeting (for the school magazine thingy) and had the tasks divided out and then when we went on to the library was when we heard cheers and clapments (ignore that.) We saw Amirah's mother and greeted her (she's one of the most hyper and happy-go-lucky mother! Including Ummi on her hyper days :P). Then came the time.

Ekkk to cut the story to quite of a very short one, congratulations to all who got what they wanted :) Though anyway, this shouldn't be the sole thing of what decides the future. There are many things for us to encounter before we get to the real part of the equation. But all in all, only God knows the hikmah or reasons behind all that has happened for He is the All-Knowing. We should always try our best but at the same time, redha and accept of what's to be. What's to be is if I don't get a head start cramming my head into the sea of knowwwledge, I'd be grilled mutton! (mashaallah sedaahaap :D)

Ignore that.

Rasulallah s.a.w. bersabda:
Ada dua ni'mat yang selalu disia-siakan oleh sebahagian besar manusia, iaitu ni'mat sihat dan ni'mat kelapangan masa.

- Hadis riwayat Bukhari

(huhu, betul..)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is how it works:

THE EXAMS ARE OVER! Alhamdulillah! Well, the first assessment that is. So anyway, youtube's back on (in my household that is) so the exams are over so I finally had the chance to peer inside it a bit. So I check out one of Regina Spektor's videos that is On The Radio. It's a great song! Try and have a listen to it :D

This is how it works
You're young until you're not
You love until you don't
You try until you can't
You laugh until you cry
You cry until you laugh
And everyone must breathe
Until their dying breath

This is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some - someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood