Sunday, March 28, 2010

17 on the twenty-eighth!

May Allah always bless you :D

ain nabilah

She adores YUI.
She even had YUI as the title for her form 4 English oral test.
She looks a bit like YUI too. I assumed they were seperated at birth.
In increment of 6 years though... OK, my theory has its flaws, lantak ah x)
She's one of the smartest in her class.
My Speedo-Marto buddy along with Alya (and very recently, Amirah too)
She learns taekwando.
She's friendly and likes to laugh.
We're neighbours, haha :D
The youngest in our family were born in the same year!
(I'm gonna make sure they're gonna marry someday. ehekehek)
She already has a motor license which was envied by Amirah xD
And I assume she's going to take her driver's license soon! awhh!
She wants to be a translator. Like me! :D (one of my very long list of cita-cita)
She's my friend :)

(hope you like the box of chocolates we gave you! :D)