Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me Casa Alone-s!

Salam, allo. Ahh missed my blog oredi. I haven't updated for a week. Aiyoyaa my legs are fatigued! But, I'll check up on that later. Yesterday, after home from co-curricular activities, I found that I'm...

(me casa alones!)

Wohoooo. (not that this is the first timelah) And just guess where my family went? MID VALLEY! And they called me and teased me and everything, they even went to MPH! This is the second (and consecutively) time that I was left out from Lembah Tengah (erk, Mid Valley la. cis.) trip. The first because I was at Amirah's discussing on the oral test thing.

So I suddenly remembered that I promised Alya that I'd teach her some Adobe Photoshop techniques. To cut the story short, I went to her house (which is about 120 metres away) invited by Alya for some spaghetti! Yum yum it was delicious! So I wasn't exactly home alone after all ehek. Then we embarked on a journey to went to my house for some photoshopping. My family then returned and showed me their newly-bought books. Counting books, story books, ibadah books and an SPM Add Maths reference book for me, perhaps to ease my heartbreak (and not my anxiety), ehekehek.

Back to the fatigued leg, we had long jump sports today. I represented blue house in my category as always. NOT because I'm a Galina Chistyavoka, that's to be guaranteed, eheh. So it was me, Amirah, Aishah, Mariyam, Tze Jean, Kah Yee and Daneeta. Guess who's Top 4 and qualified for finals? Me and Amirah, Aishah and Mariyam! It's a bit awkward since we're friends and competing against each other. But as always, I got the fourth place in long jump for 3 consecutive years (except for one year I think). But, I don't mind really. It's about the sportsmanship. Congrats to Amirah, Aishah and Mariyam, btw! :D With that calories lost, I need to stack up on more!

Those who are eager willing to spend me five packets of nasi lemak, ikan patin masak lemak, santan KARA lemak berkrim or anything that has a word 'lemak' in its name, a whole dish of butter prawns,two boxes of 18-inch pizzas, a carton of chocolate ice-cream goodness, another carton of pistachio ice-cream, should could enquire me for further details. Thank you.