Sunday, April 25, 2010


Nasyid performance, they were quite good. One sounded like the

vocal lead in errrr, a nasyid group I couldn't remember, eheh.

Salam allo. Well, yesterday was the day. You know, the tilawah competition thing I've spoke of. First, after telling me good luck and such, Baba dropped me off at SMK2 (they're having their sports day!) where I supposed to meet Ustazah Roziah. After that, the contestants of which me participating in tilawah and Faiz, syarahan for our school and Filzah, hafazan for her school, ustazah and her husband (teacher of SMK2) embarked to the competition. So it's basically two schools were going to the same competition, ironically, because the teachers/chaperones are husband and wife! :D

Well to make the story really short, it was the time of the results. Or so we thought. The tilawah-ans finished early at about 10, and then we have to wait for the other contestants of other categories to finish and the "tuan rumah" to sort everything out and such. Which is about oh, two hours. We talked, fidgeted in our seats, listened to nasyid songs (Sami Yusuf! :D) and singing along "lip-syncing" the lyrics and such, well except for my friend, Siti Rafidah, who particularly favoured Haddad Alwi's "Ummi" of which reminded me of Airina. ehek. My friend of the previous competition, Fatin was quiet, perhaps because of nervousness.

Ok, so much for shortness, it's the time of the time. Our nervousness were slowly engulfing our very selves (dramatikus enggak?) as they announced the winners for the primary school categories. Well, to be honest, except me, because I didn't hold ANY expectations. I even said to Siti, "Kak cop saguhati! mwahaha." Well, particularly because, everyone will get prizes, so I had my dibs on the consolation prize. Then, came the time. After the tilawah guys, it's the girls' turn. They announced the third place.

Biar betik. I think I was paralyzed for two seconds. I think. My bag was on my lap, and I quickly got up and put it on the chair. It fell horizontally on the chair, so I put it back vertically. I apologized to the people of which I've to pass through in order to get out from the row. My head down, I walked to the stage of which I think was very far. All in all, I think I was the slowest of all to pick up the piala and certificate. It felt so weird.

But all in all, alhamdulilah. Siti Rafidah got the the second, and Fatin got the first! And Fatin's going to the peringkat negeri! Tahniah! :D Although I'm still in disbelief mainly because it was in a very short notice and I don't know any lagu tarannum unlike the other contestants, you know, the Baiyati, Hijaz and such. I only relied on tajwid lessons from Tok Abah of which he gave me if he visited or we visited him these years and Ustazah Sarina's weekly Quran lessons too, Cumie's recital record, watching youtube videos and hope to Allah. Nevertheless, I'm veeery grateful, and thanks so much to my parents, Cumie who sent me the recording of her recital, my family, ustazah and my friends. May Allah always bless you :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rare opportunity.

Salam allo. During maghrib yesterday I've received an unexpected news from ustazah. Remember that I told you that I participated in the Tilawah (Quran recital) competition last two weeks? And that the top three is going to the next level? Well, the first runner-up had transferred, so since I was fourth, I've got to take her place! In such a short notice, plus! But never mind, I've got to see my new-found friend, Fatin again! (of which she got the first place) Sincerely and honestly, I'm seriously no good at all in this area. It's just for the sake of interest and trying that I decided to represent the school in this, besides, there aren't any volunteers, so I thought, why not? My grandfather, Tok Bah and my auntie, Cumie are experts in this area, and because my Tok Abah is 500 km away, so I asked for my auntie's help. She accepted though insyaallah, only by sending records of her recital, but I'm grateful nevertheless. Though my intention is only to recite the Quran. And perhaps because winning is reheeelly out of reach. ehakehak. Though of course, I'm still nervous about that but thanks to words of encouragement from my parents, my friends, ustazah and my auntie, insyaallah I'd get through with it! :D Ajaa hwaiting!

P/S: I found out that I totally suck at folding up those little paper stars for Yap Hui Ling's birthday today. ehek.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No time at all.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
~ Dr. Seuss

Sometimes, you'd feel it.
Sometimes, you don't.
Sometimes, you think of too much of what people think less about.
Sometimes, you think of too less of what people think much about.
Sometimes, you feel you worth nothing.
Sometimes, you feel you're high up in the air.
Sometimes, you feel you're right about that.
Sometimes, you feel you're right about being wrong.
And sometimes, you think too much of what it is and what's to be.
And at most times, make time for what you're slowly drifting away from.
And every single time, never lose sight of what's important even in the damnest of times.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A mixture of everything.

Salam allo :) I've been postponing a lot of blog posts lately. First, the very fact that opposes to what I wrote on the previous post. The fact that I didn't enter the 1500m race because it's for guys and the 800m race is for girls. But I didn't participate in the 800m race because of the fact that I've to run the short-distance races anyway because En. Vicky forgot to cancel my name. My situation is a wee bit like Farah Azia's too but we just go on with it anyway. The fact that I tripped when the baton was passed on to me. And the fact that Alya still haven't emailed me the pictures on Sports Day! eheh. Wokeh, done.

Oh yeah, and the post of where I've been to Kuala Gandah and Deerland with my family early this month. It was very fun :D I've got hold on a snake, and stood a mere meter to a bear! The next is my Tilawah competition (and also my sister, Arissa's 2nd birthday 'celebration' :D) Man, I didn't expect to get any chance at all. But of course, when they announced the top three, I never expected my name to be on the list, nor that it did. Because my real intention was to recite the Quran and not to win or anything of the sort. But then ustazah told me the next day that I got fourth! Which was VERRRY near to achieving the third place (and thus to represent the district)! Hmm, there's a slight oddness of repetition in this sentence but moving on. Whoaa, I mean, I expected the last place or something! Really, I did! Albeit it all, Alhamdulillah :)

I really began to think of my 'lucky number' four. If you think of it, it's an overlooked number. I mean, if I've possibly retrieved the top three, I might probably began to think a wee bit too full of myself and thus won't make an effort as much. In my opinionlah, but it doesn't apply to all people. But of course, I'm not the most experienced of all people in this area so how should I know how it feels? -.- Moving on. And if I've got the place of the few-favoured, I admit, for me, perhaps I'd be losing a tinge of hope but though I'd still be trying hard. But, number four, in my opinion, ignites a bit of hope into you or something. You know? But of course, it goes differently for all people :) Moving on. Thirdly, of Syafiqah's birthday party yesterday. It was fun and I hope you liked your present! :D


And now that's all done, I want to tell you about this enchanting book. A book called 'The Girl Who Could Fly' by Victoria Forester.

"It's the oddest/sweetest mix of Little House on the Prairie and X-Men. I was smiling the whole time (except for the part where I cried). I gave it to my mom, and I'm reading it to my kids - it's absolutely multigenerational. Prepare to have your heart warmed."

~ Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga

It really is one of the best novels I've read. It starts pretty slow at the beginning and begin to pace towards the end. In originality, I'm not so sure much about that because I haven't exactly read a thousand books to talk about originality to be honest, but it was very entertaining, warm, it's got some laugh-out-loud unexpected moments and all. Sure it got some flaws at some point, but my view of it was quickly retracted at the great ending.

For the covers, I loved the one in the left, where a woman holds on to a girl's legs (and her dear life) in mid-air which kind of exudes a bit of sci-fi and action while the other one with the blue cover looks like a drama novel. And that blue cover's mine, ironically. Actually, I was attracted to the book because of Stephenie Meyer's review on the cover. I had faith because of that and for the reason where Stephenie Meyer also reviewed The Hunger Games series (by Suzanne Collins) which are some of the best novels I've read. Though ironically, again, I didn't read the Twilight series nor did I enjoy excessively of the Twilight movies (only a bit).

I can't tell you much about the novel for the fear of giving its best points away. But it's a mixture of everything (which is what I wasn't expecting) and all. For my friends, yes, you can borrow this book but if you're not and just a random blog-hopper (haha :P), just go to MPH or somewhere and buy it! It's worth a read.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ramble ramble.

Salam allo! :D Aiyayaa it's the time of the year. Again. One of my most un-preffered days. SPORTS DAY which is going to be tomorrow. The adrenaline rush sensation sometimes would be too hard for me to bear. I absolutely detest the sound of the... POOF KAPAPOWW pistol thingy and "On your mark, get set, go!" remark. No really, it doesn't coincide with the fact that I'd always get number four (out of eight) which was VERRRY near to achieving the third place (and thus the medal, ehakk). Or sometimes fifth. Sometimes. Once or twice.

Same goes for long jump though but I love long jump. It's really fun to do :D But this year, I decided to go ahead with the 1500m race. I pretty much knew that I'm a WEE bit better at long distance that short distance, but somehow, I never got the chance or perhaps, come to the decision to participate in the long distance race. Wokeehh, I admit, I actually was attracted to the idea of what Amirah told me sometime last week. When Amirah's elder sister, Nadiah participated in it last year or the year before, she could get out of the race when she was really tired and forfeited! Or something like that, I think. Isn't that awesome! :D

So, instead of running for two or three short distance race this year, I might as well go with one and long distance is not stressful, too. Though I'm not sure about forfeiting though. I mean, if I took a whiff of someone very de kurang ajar holding a hamburger and passing through this is my last sports day. Ahh never mind, I'll try my best, I suppose.

Ohh I hope Mr Vicky remembered to cancel my name for the short distance race though.. Ah well, gotta go now. And I'm going with Alya tomorrow and I really hope that we could finish decorating the sepanduk for Puteri Islam kawad tomorrow!