Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rare opportunity.

Salam allo. During maghrib yesterday I've received an unexpected news from ustazah. Remember that I told you that I participated in the Tilawah (Quran recital) competition last two weeks? And that the top three is going to the next level? Well, the first runner-up had transferred, so since I was fourth, I've got to take her place! In such a short notice, plus! But never mind, I've got to see my new-found friend, Fatin again! (of which she got the first place) Sincerely and honestly, I'm seriously no good at all in this area. It's just for the sake of interest and trying that I decided to represent the school in this, besides, there aren't any volunteers, so I thought, why not? My grandfather, Tok Bah and my auntie, Cumie are experts in this area, and because my Tok Abah is 500 km away, so I asked for my auntie's help. She accepted though insyaallah, only by sending records of her recital, but I'm grateful nevertheless. Though my intention is only to recite the Quran. And perhaps because winning is reheeelly out of reach. ehakehak. Though of course, I'm still nervous about that but thanks to words of encouragement from my parents, my friends, ustazah and my auntie, insyaallah I'd get through with it! :D Ajaa hwaiting!

P/S: I found out that I totally suck at folding up those little paper stars for Yap Hui Ling's birthday today. ehek.