Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31st Of March

Salam, hello! :)

Currently I have a draft in my dashboard just eager in waiting to be posted. At least I think so. HAHAHAK. An article about making mistakes. It's still undergoing editing and touching up process so the readers-who-I-don't-exactly-know-who-out-there would have to wait just a little bit longer.. Sori :[

But today I would like to post about today's events

4.00 p.m - 6.00 p.m. 
My friends and I, i.e: Alya, Amirah, Hanisah, Airina, Hazirah, Dina [(-) Aishah because she was unable to join due to hand injuries] went to Hazirah's (Well, except for Hazirah, because, technically, she lives there. Ohrait. Moving on.) to make a powerpoint presentation for Physics entitled "Safety Features in Vehicles".

Which should be about "Safety Precautions To Take When You Are At A Colleague's House and Unable To Focus On Relevant Obligations Due To Unavoidable 'Distractions'". That's a mouthful. :P

We shared stories, laughed, ate lunch [rendang power!!!], read celebrity magazines, some of us - lovey dovey novels, Doraemon comic books. And somehow we are able to finish the presentation in between all that schedule. Alhamdulillah. Alya volunteered to touch up the presentation with decos and what-not and to put the videos that we downloaded before in it so it could attract the would-be listeners. Thanks btw :)

And not only to Alya but to everyone who showed great dedication and giving great ideas in order to finish the job given. Not. Haha no lah. All of us lend their bit to help :) Thanks to Hazirah for permitting us to do the powerpoint presentation at her house.

Alya and I cycled home and on the way, paid a short visit to Pak Cik Mad's to pay Alya's bus fares and cycled home which was fun :D Feeling the rush breeze on your face and to feast our eyes with the green and brick-y surroundings and all.

Amirah rode on her motorbike with Hanisah on the pillion rider. Bestnya! Amirah also said that she can drive her family's MPV which is the Hyundai Trajet. WAAAAAAH. Irony much? Err, you're probably squinting your right eye whilst tilting your head to the left, but you'll get a few paragraphs later. So errr, moving on.

6.10 p.m.
Finally arriving at home, and I was greeted with the rich aroma of Jalan Ara's pisang goreng (banana fritters) and keropok lekor (Err, fish fritter/chips? To those who dont understand Malay, go search for yourself lah.) Memang sedaaaaaaaap! :9

6.30 p.m.-7.00 p.m.
Then Baba volunteered to teach me to drive. That was the ironic thing I said about earlier. Baba volunteered quite a few times before but due to unavoidable obligations I can't. So this time I haven't any excuse besides finishing up the goreng pisang & keropok lekor which is totally an irrelevant excuse, so I have to. Ammar was going to his tuition and with Baba's guidance who was riding shotgun, Ammar drove to tuition.

Baba can't possibly let his reckless of a daughter to drive through the main road on the way home so he drove all the way to a small highway in town because it was a long straight road to teach me how to drive. Yes, my father is very sensible indeed. Nevertheless, I was dead afraid. Ye lah, mana tak takutnya? Especially in turning up corners at the end of the road. What? Accelerate + brake + controlling steering wheel? [or something like that :P] 

And when Baba asks me to pull out to the side of the road which I supposed to hit the brake only, I hit the accelerator too. I got "lectured". http://www.emocutez.com Ofkos lah. Kompius lah, HAHAK :P HAHA, salah saya jgak. Blur sangat. HEHE, but he said with loads of practice, I could be better, InsyaAllah.

8.30 p.m.
As the day turns into the night... Ceh, saspens gile. I found the song I've been searching for since I am approximately 7 or 8 years old. Seriously. In about 5 1/2 months from now I would be 16 so you do the math. 

I remembered that I was thinking about the song after I saw the music video but I can't seem to remember the title and how the song goes but I remember that I loved the song and the singer was not really.. Errr, handsome. Hehe :P And suddenly I don't know why, when I was at the kitchen just now I hummed the song.

I had a feeling that it was the song I've been searching for all these years, so I Googled some parts of the lyrics that I remember and there it is - the title of the song. I Youtubed it and there it is - the music video. There it is - the scene I remembered (a birthday party scene) and the singer was the opposite of the adjective I said before. HAHAHAK, quite handsome lah. Hehe. Comey comey gitu. I think everyone's beautiful in their way actually. Hmm, moving on.

So I was happy to find that song. It was quite of an inspirational song of sort and you feel inspired after listening to it. Entitled: Joey McIntyre - Stay The Same

Here's the Youtube URL.

Here's the 4shared URL to download it.

Ohyeah, this is just for fun - these are the 
most romantic songs I've ever heard 
yet ;)

Malay: Innuendo - Belaian Jiwa
English: Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting


Well that concludes my post for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Wasalam ;)