Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Messi!

Yes I voted :D

ARGENTINA vs GERMANY this Saturday!

P/S: Today, Ummi was wearing blue and white ensemble, Nini a blue and white T-shirt, Yana was wearing a black blue white shirt and written Basketball Champion Leagues on it and I didn't realize I was too until Nini pointed it out -.- I also found white and blue and a little bit of cho... on my sister's diaper (ehak.) and I thought it was impossible to find any blue on my pink fanatic little sister. True enough her shirt and pants are in pink -.- Until I noticed her shirt had BLUE stitching on the edges and hem! But of course, I couldn't find anything related on Baba and my bro who are supporting Germany -.-

But of course, these are all plain coincidences but it doesn't help to ease my eagerness.
(Mashaallah! Trials in a month! :O)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

17 on the twentieth!

May Allah always bless you :D


She's an anime mega-fanatic.
She loooves reading
In a month I'd say approx 5 books. Or more.
And that's what I only saw in class.
Her favoruite in Ouran is Kyota.
She's veeery talented in drawing.

She has the same pencilbox since she was in Year 6/Form 1.
She's outgoing and could make friends with anyone.
She wants to take a course in multimedia.
She's one of the smartest in our class.
She listens mostly to Japanese songs.
A Hunger Games fan :DD

We're competing on who'd buy the third book first.
She's responsible and caring.
We made Malay translation's to Taylor
Swift's Love Story with Amirah x)
She's a quite recent fanatic of Glee.
She's my friend :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ku suka akan Hamm dan Potato.

Salam allo. Sila tonton treler di atas, ia merupakan treler Cerita Perihal Mainan Ke-tiga yang paling melucukan setakat ini! Adalah menjadi pengakuan saya bahawa saya amat tunggu-tunggukan saat filem ini ditayangkan di Malaysia. Pengakuan yang kedua adalah, pada mulanya, pabila saya mengetahui bahawa siri Cerita Perihal Mainan akan diteruskan, saya berasa kurang enak kerana para pembikin filem ini akan meranapkan nilai sentimental dan keklasikan siri kegemaran ramai ini. Saya juga pasti faktor perdana mengapa siri ini diteruskan penerbitan dan pembikinannya adalah kerana untuk menyapu uwang seluruh peminatnya yang kini sudahpun dewasa. Siri ini juga diminati kanak-kanak sekarang, dan oleh itu, akan meningkatkan jualan produk-produk filem itu.

Namun, pabila ku menonton treler filem ini, seluruh persepsiku berubah. Dem yu advertising! Ku kian berasa teruja untuk menyaksikan sendiri kehebatan filem ini yang telah diuar-uarkan di pelbagai laman sesawang yang kulewati. Namun, bapaku menyuruhku dan adik-adikku untuk sabar dan menunggu kepulangan ibu kami dan adik-beradik kami yang lain pulang dari desa. Oh, betapa ku rindu akan mereka :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romance (in a grim way).

Salam allo. Wow. This is probably one of the most romantic-est story I've ever heard or read (the article above). Seriously, I think the elderly are the age group group of people who are most capable of expressing their love to another. Heck, I even thought Carl Fredricksen is the most romantic man ever. Really I did. And still do, actually. ehak.
The way he cared for Ellie, the way he spoke to the house as if it were Ellie, and had that grape soda pin firmly attached to his jacket all these years, and of course, traveling to South America and putting up the house there which was his wife's childhood dream. And that house is the place they first met when they were kids! Can't you feel your heart melting right now? If you don't, you must have a heart made of rocks. Or that you are a rock. Which owns a computer and is able to read. Ok, suddenly remembering my conversation with Amirah about The Rock, ehak. Ok the end.
P/S: Went to the park with Alya and Ain and meet up with Amirah and Hanisah! It was fun :D Of course our initial intention was finishing up starting on the add maths project, but Ain had the exact copy from somewhere so we just copied lah! But of course, we've to change the prices with the prices from our survey last week, the calculation and the graphs la. So then we played basketball, swing-ing, listening and singing along to Glee songs and took LOADS of (mostly candid, ehak) pictures, mwahaha. Ummi and three of my siblings are going to KB tomorrow, so it's Baba, me and my two (other) siblings at home. Because of course, my father still had to work. So I'm going to be a full-time semi-housewife for four days! :O Oh well. Ok, I'll stop ranting now -.-

P/S 2: Baba's downloading The Truman Show :D And no, it's a movie.

P/S 3: School next week -.-

Monday, June 14, 2010

17 on the fourteenth!

Uitt? Mana itu Alya? (apologies for the semi-cheesy caption)

Alya (ze burfdeh girl :D), Amirah and mee.
(ok why do I look so solemn in this pic -.-)

May Allah always bless you :D

She adoreeeees Siwon. And the whole lot of Super Junior.
And Harrison Ford and Kyle Chandler.
And Nick Heidfeld and Kris Allen.
(and Sheikh Muszaphar? ehak.)
She has the neatest handwriting on the planet.
She looooves the colour pink.
She talks a lot (ehak) but I don't mind coz it's one of her qualities :D
And very friendly, she could make friends with anyone!
She's got a cool sense of humour.
Her recent favourite Korean group is 2NE1 along with Amirah.
She's beginning to be a good graphic designer! (gue tercabar. ehak.)
She introduced me to nigahiga on youtube.
She's always ready to help people.
A MAAASTER DOWNLOADER.(and I'm not even a padawan!
or a youngling! err maybe a bit.)
She loves Coldplay like me :D
She loves to lauggggh.
She wants a (pink?) iPad.
(too bad I can't give it to you as a bday present!
by the time I could afford it, it'll be out of date -.-)
nice excuse eh?
She's a responsible elder sister. (jgn kmbg hidung!
okla, it's your bday. dipersilakan berkmbg hdg.)
She's a got "thing" with cacing. ehehh.
My frequent Speedomarto buddy.
She taught me a lesson or two about life.
She's my one of best friends :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Banyak urang, banyak (ra)garam.

That makes perfect sense!

Salam allo. Excuse the shortened term of this 2-verse pantun.
Banyak udang, banyak garam
Banyak orang, banyak ragam.
Now then. Today, I am going to show you on various types of writing, or technically, typing, to be really precise and if you are that kind of person. But actually, "write" actually means to form letter or words, to compose, to express in words and the like, actually. So even if we're hitting on, I mean tapping on keyboards, and for most of us, scorching and overworking our eyes in front of the monitor, "to write" can also be used. I think. Jangan percaya sangat ambo nih.

Well, there are many types of writing that I've come across in my years of internetmentation and well, here they are.

1. Exhibit A: Repetitive use of last letters, a space between a word and an ellipsis. And in times, a smiley is included (preferably a wink.)
  • OMGGG ! That's sooo awesome ! ;D Today ? Meet up at my place yeah .
2. Exhibit B: A rather clever and creative use of pronunciation of other syllables in words that they don't belong to. The English language and Bahasa syllables are frequently exchanged to form words.
  • cheese! alaaa bowink la camneyh ; wtf weyy. laen carley la keeter hangout . taon depan la kowt.
3. Exhibit C: Notably, this type writing is utilized in the early years of internet usage of a certain person. Numbers and ellipsis are frequently used to replace certain letters that they are seemingly quite similar to.
  • N4M4 s4y4 AgUsTus biNti 4JnAB! b1N rAFA3L nAdaL. Um0r 14 tah0n. s4yA sek0lah di SmK tAmaN s3Kian. c0m3yL t4k s4Ya? aDD m3 pl3as3........
4. Exhibit D: This type of writing is mostly used by BBC writers and the like that I couldn't put my mind on right now.
  • As we advance through the odyssey of the 21st century, and witness with our eyes and the image apprehended is evaluated and inverted by our superb integrating center, the brain, we... Apologies, my vocabulary is pretty limited -.- Faham-faham sendiri la.
5. Exhibit E: A "smiley" is used at the end of EACH and EVERY SINGLE sentence.
  • OMG! :O Kenapa eh dia buat camtu? :/ Serius! >:( memang kesian kat dia :( Tak elok buat camtu kat dia D: dan aku rasa macam nak hentam & marah dia puas puas x( Oh ye, don't forget to meet up this Saturday, kay? :D Bye (;
6. Exhibit F: Plain lazy.
  • hi nama sy amln umr sy 16 t nk msk 17 t dn sy sklh di smk qwerty sy mrpkn srg yg btgjwb rjn dn bsmgt ptrtk, rjn dn kuat igtn

That's about it I think. I'm NOT insulting anyone (if there are any out there, ehak). Because actually I think I've been all six of them and having a bit of this or a bit of that. The first, being Exhibit C. Yes, I remember that. Wow. Now I know how excruciatingly laborious and utterly abysmal (Exhibit D) it is to read that sentence! x) I think it's kinda c0m3YL at first, but at the same time, it's really hard to decipher all that letters, numbers and ellipsis. But I guess that age is over for most of us!

Like Exhibit E, I also put a LOT of smileys in my sentences. Just look at all my past blog posts. But I don't know why I've recently used smileys a lot less now :/ Pelikkkk. I've also been an Exhibit B, and still am, sometimes. I'm mostly been affected by Baba, he uses a lot of these when we we SMSed with him. Like, "mebbe tumolo" and all that. ehak. Mostly for humor purposes. Spaces between words and ellipsis (Exhibit A), been through that as well, Exhibit F; yes :)

Truth is, we're all copycats. Ever since we were born, our first words, or even swear words we pick up from movies -.- (don't try this at home, kids. not that I swear excessively, I have a lot of siblings to give examples to! ceh.), that catchphrase we use and all. It's the mix of this and that is what makes us the person we are and then we ourselves would churn the mixture our way and add a little bit of something unique of ourselves in. We're all still finding the path we're destined to, but of course, you can't rely on destiny alone because you've got to give in a little bit of effort in the way. Insyaallah, we'd all find it someday. Because you're worth it.

Okay, I seriously don't know what I was talking about at the last few parts. -.- But it sounded good :D

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hairdresser tak bertauliah.

 I call it -
"De La(s)Tique".

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Five moons.

Salam allo. Alas, after a torturous more-than-a-fortnight, the blessed day has finally dawned upon us, bestowing us a warm-hearted pleasure as we sigh with relief and rejoice; and evoke a sense of... OK, let's cut to the chase. The mid-term has finally come to an end. Smileys ensued: :DDDD But ekcheli, albeit my lyrical composition and a recent visit to (thesaurus section) website; before I even have the very chance to reclaim and devour my freedom, a sense of nervousitynessment immediately engorge my very soul, incessantly reminding me of the dreaded three-letter word: SPM. The end.