Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Messi!

Yes I voted :D

ARGENTINA vs GERMANY this Saturday!

P/S: Today, Ummi was wearing blue and white ensemble, Nini a blue and white T-shirt, Yana was wearing a black blue white shirt and written Basketball Champion Leagues on it and I didn't realize I was too until Nini pointed it out -.- I also found white and blue and a little bit of cho... on my sister's diaper (ehak.) and I thought it was impossible to find any blue on my pink fanatic little sister. True enough her shirt and pants are in pink -.- Until I noticed her shirt had BLUE stitching on the edges and hem! But of course, I couldn't find anything related on Baba and my bro who are supporting Germany -.-

But of course, these are all plain coincidences but it doesn't help to ease my eagerness.
(Mashaallah! Trials in a month! :O)