Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romance (in a grim way).

Salam allo. Wow. This is probably one of the most romantic-est story I've ever heard or read (the article above). Seriously, I think the elderly are the age group group of people who are most capable of expressing their love to another. Heck, I even thought Carl Fredricksen is the most romantic man ever. Really I did. And still do, actually. ehak.
The way he cared for Ellie, the way he spoke to the house as if it were Ellie, and had that grape soda pin firmly attached to his jacket all these years, and of course, traveling to South America and putting up the house there which was his wife's childhood dream. And that house is the place they first met when they were kids! Can't you feel your heart melting right now? If you don't, you must have a heart made of rocks. Or that you are a rock. Which owns a computer and is able to read. Ok, suddenly remembering my conversation with Amirah about The Rock, ehak. Ok the end.
P/S: Went to the park with Alya and Ain and meet up with Amirah and Hanisah! It was fun :D Of course our initial intention was finishing up starting on the add maths project, but Ain had the exact copy from somewhere so we just copied lah! But of course, we've to change the prices with the prices from our survey last week, the calculation and the graphs la. So then we played basketball, swing-ing, listening and singing along to Glee songs and took LOADS of (mostly candid, ehak) pictures, mwahaha. Ummi and three of my siblings are going to KB tomorrow, so it's Baba, me and my two (other) siblings at home. Because of course, my father still had to work. So I'm going to be a full-time semi-housewife for four days! :O Oh well. Ok, I'll stop ranting now -.-

P/S 2: Baba's downloading The Truman Show :D And no, it's a movie.

P/S 3: School next week -.-