Monday, June 14, 2010

17 on the fourteenth!

Uitt? Mana itu Alya? (apologies for the semi-cheesy caption)

Alya (ze burfdeh girl :D), Amirah and mee.
(ok why do I look so solemn in this pic -.-)

May Allah always bless you :D

She adoreeeees Siwon. And the whole lot of Super Junior.
And Harrison Ford and Kyle Chandler.
And Nick Heidfeld and Kris Allen.
(and Sheikh Muszaphar? ehak.)
She has the neatest handwriting on the planet.
She looooves the colour pink.
She talks a lot (ehak) but I don't mind coz it's one of her qualities :D
And very friendly, she could make friends with anyone!
She's got a cool sense of humour.
Her recent favourite Korean group is 2NE1 along with Amirah.
She's beginning to be a good graphic designer! (gue tercabar. ehak.)
She introduced me to nigahiga on youtube.
She's always ready to help people.
A MAAASTER DOWNLOADER.(and I'm not even a padawan!
or a youngling! err maybe a bit.)
She loves Coldplay like me :D
She loves to lauggggh.
She wants a (pink?) iPad.
(too bad I can't give it to you as a bday present!
by the time I could afford it, it'll be out of date -.-)
nice excuse eh?
She's a responsible elder sister. (jgn kmbg hidung!
okla, it's your bday. dipersilakan berkmbg hdg.)
She's a got "thing" with cacing. ehehh.
My frequent Speedomarto buddy.
She taught me a lesson or two about life.
She's my one of best friends :D