Sunday, June 20, 2010

17 on the twentieth!

May Allah always bless you :D


She's an anime mega-fanatic.
She loooves reading
In a month I'd say approx 5 books. Or more.
And that's what I only saw in class.
Her favoruite in Ouran is Kyota.
She's veeery talented in drawing.

She has the same pencilbox since she was in Year 6/Form 1.
She's outgoing and could make friends with anyone.
She wants to take a course in multimedia.
She's one of the smartest in our class.
She listens mostly to Japanese songs.
A Hunger Games fan :DD

We're competing on who'd buy the third book first.
She's responsible and caring.
We made Malay translation's to Taylor
Swift's Love Story with Amirah x)
She's a quite recent fanatic of Glee.
She's my friend :)