Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ramble ramble.

Salam allo! :D Aiyayaa it's the time of the year. Again. One of my most un-preffered days. SPORTS DAY which is going to be tomorrow. The adrenaline rush sensation sometimes would be too hard for me to bear. I absolutely detest the sound of the... POOF KAPAPOWW pistol thingy and "On your mark, get set, go!" remark. No really, it doesn't coincide with the fact that I'd always get number four (out of eight) which was VERRRY near to achieving the third place (and thus the medal, ehakk). Or sometimes fifth. Sometimes. Once or twice.

Same goes for long jump though but I love long jump. It's really fun to do :D But this year, I decided to go ahead with the 1500m race. I pretty much knew that I'm a WEE bit better at long distance that short distance, but somehow, I never got the chance or perhaps, come to the decision to participate in the long distance race. Wokeehh, I admit, I actually was attracted to the idea of what Amirah told me sometime last week. When Amirah's elder sister, Nadiah participated in it last year or the year before, she could get out of the race when she was really tired and forfeited! Or something like that, I think. Isn't that awesome! :D

So, instead of running for two or three short distance race this year, I might as well go with one and long distance is not stressful, too. Though I'm not sure about forfeiting though. I mean, if I took a whiff of someone very de kurang ajar holding a hamburger and passing through this is my last sports day. Ahh never mind, I'll try my best, I suppose.

Ohh I hope Mr Vicky remembered to cancel my name for the short distance race though.. Ah well, gotta go now. And I'm going with Alya tomorrow and I really hope that we could finish decorating the sepanduk for Puteri Islam kawad tomorrow!