Sunday, April 25, 2010


Nasyid performance, they were quite good. One sounded like the

vocal lead in errrr, a nasyid group I couldn't remember, eheh.

Salam allo. Well, yesterday was the day. You know, the tilawah competition thing I've spoke of. First, after telling me good luck and such, Baba dropped me off at SMK2 (they're having their sports day!) where I supposed to meet Ustazah Roziah. After that, the contestants of which me participating in tilawah and Faiz, syarahan for our school and Filzah, hafazan for her school, ustazah and her husband (teacher of SMK2) embarked to the competition. So it's basically two schools were going to the same competition, ironically, because the teachers/chaperones are husband and wife! :D

Well to make the story really short, it was the time of the results. Or so we thought. The tilawah-ans finished early at about 10, and then we have to wait for the other contestants of other categories to finish and the "tuan rumah" to sort everything out and such. Which is about oh, two hours. We talked, fidgeted in our seats, listened to nasyid songs (Sami Yusuf! :D) and singing along "lip-syncing" the lyrics and such, well except for my friend, Siti Rafidah, who particularly favoured Haddad Alwi's "Ummi" of which reminded me of Airina. ehek. My friend of the previous competition, Fatin was quiet, perhaps because of nervousness.

Ok, so much for shortness, it's the time of the time. Our nervousness were slowly engulfing our very selves (dramatikus enggak?) as they announced the winners for the primary school categories. Well, to be honest, except me, because I didn't hold ANY expectations. I even said to Siti, "Kak cop saguhati! mwahaha." Well, particularly because, everyone will get prizes, so I had my dibs on the consolation prize. Then, came the time. After the tilawah guys, it's the girls' turn. They announced the third place.

Biar betik. I think I was paralyzed for two seconds. I think. My bag was on my lap, and I quickly got up and put it on the chair. It fell horizontally on the chair, so I put it back vertically. I apologized to the people of which I've to pass through in order to get out from the row. My head down, I walked to the stage of which I think was very far. All in all, I think I was the slowest of all to pick up the piala and certificate. It felt so weird.

But all in all, alhamdulilah. Siti Rafidah got the the second, and Fatin got the first! And Fatin's going to the peringkat negeri! Tahniah! :D Although I'm still in disbelief mainly because it was in a very short notice and I don't know any lagu tarannum unlike the other contestants, you know, the Baiyati, Hijaz and such. I only relied on tajwid lessons from Tok Abah of which he gave me if he visited or we visited him these years and Ustazah Sarina's weekly Quran lessons too, Cumie's recital record, watching youtube videos and hope to Allah. Nevertheless, I'm veeery grateful, and thanks so much to my parents, Cumie who sent me the recording of her recital, my family, ustazah and my friends. May Allah always bless you :D