Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's for breakfast?

The day before yesterday. I was late to cycle with Alya and Ain for the pancakes thing. eheh.

Salam, allo. Well, yesterday, Ummi asked me to make pancakes. Again! mwahaha. I already told myself that the only thing Western that I could eat everyday would be pancakes and *cough* lamb *cough* shank *cough!*. Ye saya ada perut kampung, saman saya. So it was pancakes for breakfast again like the day before.

Two less-than-1.1-metre-tall helpers. Tolonglah sangat -.-
Yana ni memang betullah menolong, hehe :D
Flip it!
Yana dok cakap pasal chocolate chip pancakes, dan mengenali chef dalamanku ini yang berinovasi

tinggi ambo dok pikir lah, "Chipsmore ada chocolate chips kan? ehehehhh..." Pastu letak sekali dengan vanilla
essence. Tapi try buat satu dululah untuk menguji tahap kesedapannya yang sudah pasti.
Pancakes with processedchocolate chip cookies in them and good ol' ones.
The pancakes were a bit (insert adjective here) because we were short of milk,
so we used water instead -.- But it was still fine alhamdulillah :)
Yana: Mana (pancake) syrup?
Anis Amanda: Tuuh! (sambil menuding jari ke arah botol ini) -.-
Good ol' pancake on top and vanilla chocolate chip pancake
on the bottom with crushed cookies in between. eheh.
It was great, but I think I prefer good ol' ones :DD And perhaps, I'd try real chocolate next time?
But of course, my little siblings prefer it more since, well, look at that pancake.
It practically screams "eat me!" to the little(r) ones, eh?

I start to miss good ol' Malaysian breakfast, nasi goreng with ikan masin... Pergh! Then, we decided to go to the Taman Layang-Layang Selayang the next day (todaylah). My hopes were fulfilled! Ummi was going to make ikan masak lemak, sambal udang, ikan masin (!) and fry some of those Ayamas drummets :DD We had breakfast there. Ammar and Nini brought along their bikes too.

Breakfast :D
Ummi makes the best ikan masak lemak EVERRR. I remembered I brought
ikan patin masak lemak to school when I was in form 2, heheh, it was a big hit! :D

Yes, we brought mats!

Slide on the slides! (cheesy caption, eh? -.-)
Swinging on the swings!

So if you ask me, which breakfast I prefer the most? Well, both actually. But I think it edges a bit more to the ikan masak lemak. eheh. You can never beat a mom's water hand air tangan! :D