Thursday, March 11, 2010

A year from now!

(asat ambo jeles kat teddy sorang ni? -.-)

Salam, hello :) After we sat for our Civics exam of which five sixth of the time I spent on sketching a mural for the wall of the toilet (don't ask -.-) we scampered to the balcony to see our ex-seniors taking their SPM results. Like Hazirah said, "Untuk ambil iktibar..." It was a long wait though. First Amirah was super-inspired to study while Alya and I was feeling very nervous equivalent to that of the ones who were ACTUALLY taking the results. eheh. Zaheen (and Syafiqah as well >:)) noticed us peering to the crowd of ex-seniors and say 'Cukup-cukuplaaahh..." and some other things I couldn't remember. eheh. He said that some brought their own cars and all.

Of course Amirah was jealous because she's the most eager-est person eagerly wanting with eagerness to obtain a driver's license that I know of. Well, the wait went on. Then there's a sidang redaksi meeting (for the school magazine thingy) and had the tasks divided out and then when we went on to the library was when we heard cheers and clapments (ignore that.) We saw Amirah's mother and greeted her (she's one of the most hyper and happy-go-lucky mother! Including Ummi on her hyper days :P). Then came the time.

Ekkk to cut the story to quite of a very short one, congratulations to all who got what they wanted :) Though anyway, this shouldn't be the sole thing of what decides the future. There are many things for us to encounter before we get to the real part of the equation. But all in all, only God knows the hikmah or reasons behind all that has happened for He is the All-Knowing. We should always try our best but at the same time, redha and accept of what's to be. What's to be is if I don't get a head start cramming my head into the sea of knowwwledge, I'd be grilled mutton! (mashaallah sedaahaap :D)

Ignore that.

Rasulallah s.a.w. bersabda:
Ada dua ni'mat yang selalu disia-siakan oleh sebahagian besar manusia, iaitu ni'mat sihat dan ni'mat kelapangan masa.

- Hadis riwayat Bukhari

(huhu, betul..)