Friday, March 12, 2010

Term break!

(mitok maap deh sebab roti tu penyek, Arissa, ehehh.)

Salam, allo :)

Today was sukantara. The end. Ok, next. Ummi asked me to buy some groceries at the nearby convenience store which was very near the school after school. So I did. Due to pity, all about 6 of them offered me their ice-cream, mwahaha, I know I look so innocent! (ignore that.) Well then the others stampede! hurrily climbed on pak cik's van leaving us behind. We were going to cross the road towards the bus stop (the ritual of second-trip-ers). There were dozens of cars passing by so we just waited for the chance to safely cross. Then a thought came past. I was wearing an instant hijab (in black ye, so it didn't appear much as an instant hijab, eheh.) and a bag of groceries tightly clutched in my hand. Amirah and Alya were engulfing eating ice-creams.

Cutting the story short, I grabbed Alya and Amirah's hand with the grocery bag.

Saya: Tengok kiri dan tengok kanan, ye nak-nak.
Alya & Amirah: Ok makk... Alaaaa.. aiskrim tumpah, huhu...
Shu yang sedang menunggu bapanya kat belakang: Oooi, tak lintas-lintas lagi kerr??

Eheheh. And anyway, sorry for the penyek-ed roti. And insyaAllah Baba's coming home today! Alhamdulillah, hehe :D