Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm 17! So..

17 Things That I Want To Do After SPM

  1. Learn Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish so that I could be Leo Messi's translator.
  2. Reread the Harry Potter series and rewatch the Back To The Future trilogy and watch all P. Ramlee movies.
  3. Witness a whale and swim with dolphins. And play in the rain. No eye-roll, please -.-
  4. Take a photo with the sun shining down my back.
  5. Go to the only state in Malaysia I haven't been to, Sabah and also the Taman Negara. Or witness the mountains where some scenes in Lord Of The Rings were shot in New Zealand.
  6. Consider and rethink of being a wildlife photographer (one of many in my list) for Nat Geo or something someday. Because it's a perfect mix of my love for wildlife and Allah's wondrous creations and photography. I became inspired after watching a documentary of the world's greatest wildlife photographers and this. Though I've never took a single DECENT picture of any wild life. Would this be considered as wild life? -.- Kucing liar pon.
  7. Teach my sister and brother for his PMR.
  8. Prove to everyone that she too could excel, in things she loves, in her own way. And that there are more to things that meets the eye and the narrow judgments integrated in our heads.
  9. Perform Hajj or umrah, insyaallah. And finish the tafseer of Al-Quran, insyaallah.
  10. Visit my sister's grave in Iowa, insyaallah.
  11. Go to Palestine in a humanitarian effort. Hah, even here, I think I did close to nothing -.-
  12. Brave myself up to speak in front of a crowd. Though I've spoken to more than 100 people at that SMART ranger seminar :D But that's in front of people that I don't know at all (but with someone I love and know in the frontlah, like my parents, ecehceh -.-) It's more terrifying to speak in front of people that you do know.
  13. Cycle the whole town and smile to everyone that I happen to pass by and avoid getting weird stares and urgent calls to National Security.
  14. Eat a big chocolate bar all by myself for once. Jual ikan -.-
  15. Take a photo with a Leo Messi cardboard (because I'd freak out if I ever met him in person -.-)
  16. Take a photo with that pose I've always wanted with my siblings and have a photoshoot with my friends on freshly-mown grass but with loads of candid pictures.
  17. Make my parents smile.