Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get well soon!

FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique collide with Hercules' goalkeeper ended up bloody.
He even resumed playing after he was bandaged. Link
On top of that, FC Barcelona lost 0-2 :( Poor Pique.

Leo Messi has suffered more fouls that anyone I've ever seen (or noticed, ehak), but I've never seen him got hurt like this. He suffered an ankle ligament injury and it's all because of that Atletico Madrid guy! Just look at his swollen ankle! But they say there was no bone damage and that he could play in approximately two weeks and that he would miss at least two matches in that duration. On the bright slightly dim side, I could focus on the trials in that period. Which is not really a bright side; although FC Barcelona won 2-1 in the match against Atletico Madrid.

Here's the link to the fouler, Tomas Ujfalusi's apology at a press conference and a picture of a far grotesque look at the foul Leo Messi suffered. Look at his foot and that angle! Link

Poor Leo :(

Get well soon Leo! And to Aishah too, insyaallah.