Friday, November 19, 2010

17 on the nineteenth!

May Allah always bless you :D


She's an anime fanatic.
She loves the Hunger Games series.
A saliva-er.
She wants a Satrio Neo.
Never put any piece of important document around her. Eveeeeer, I tell ya!
She loves Lee Joon, TOP (yes the detergent. ehak) and Donghae.
And Adam bin Jantan Lambert.
A scrambled egg expert. According to her la -.- So far I've no authentic reference, ehak.
A fashion bird and love bangles.
She can't wait to get her license. Now you can! :D After SPM -.-
She's the only person who I've been in the same class for 8 years straight.
She won the taekwando NATIONALSS.
I tried "fighting" with her once. I hurt my hand. Isk.
She loves history.
She smiles a lot. REHEELY creepy smiles on "Hyper Mondays". ehaak.
Her favourite in Ouran High School Host Club is Tamaki, like me! :D
She has a SUPERB talent in drawing.
Obsessed with pen-collecting back in Form 1.
Her uncle was friends with my father, Baba while they were studying in the US O.O small world.
Made Malay translations to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" with Hanisah xD
She's got a goat business or something but never eats MUTTON.
And she won't everrr.
If you know me you'd know how I feel about mutton.
She taught me a lesson a two about life.
She's one of my best friends :D