Friday, November 19, 2010

The fight.


When he was a boy, Lionel Messi was playing for Newell's junior team. He was late for a match because he was locked in a bathroom. His team was down 0-1 at half time. Leo arrived at the match at half-time by breaking the glass window of the bathroom. He turned the match upside down by scoring two goals to make it 3-1.

SPM is just a few days away, and the anxiety is building up by the second (pretty obvious eh?). Well, here I am, blogging after almost a month, to remind all of us to be strong to face this part of the equation. Great stories always start with a toil, with a problem, with a situation that seems impossible to break free. For example, Leo's above 8D

These things make good stories. Like, for instance, people certainly don't want to hear you boasting on being on top of the world and filthy rich just because you simply inherited your father's hard work, right? So just keep your chin up and charge the mountain, but still remain your down-to-earthness (-.-) by remembering the people who stood up for you and who was there for you all this while. And do keep a reminder that everything happens for a reason, no matter how unjust it turned out to be for He is the All-knowing. Insyaallah we'd all get through it. Fightingg!

Ok why do i like to point at people? -.-

Stolen from Puan Shing Yee's and Sze Yuen's FB! :D
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