Friday, October 01, 2010


1. I vowed to not be on facebook or blogger until at least after the trials (googling Leo every day is a special exception) But I just need to lift my spirits up a bit after I realized "something" and after 7 days of sitting for exams.



2. Leo has healed and was awarded the Golden Boot or Sepatu Emas, if you're the type of person who watch Indonesian fairytale telemovies with your little sisters on TV3 all too frequently. *di bumi, lautan di udara, begitu banyak kisah tersimpan... dunia khayalan, dunia impian...* Moving on.

"All awards are special, but it is thanks to
the help of my team-mates that I have won,"
- Leo Messi.

3. I've told you in my birthday post that I've always wanted a picture with the sun shining down my back. But I want THIS picture with the sun shining down our my back. ehak.

EDIT: I told you in my bday post  before that I wanted to take a photo with a Leo Messi cardboard because I'd freak out if I ever met him in person. Turns out, it really EXISTS! 8D Ehahahak. But he looks young in this picture, and his hair was still long at the time.

4. I love Maher Zain's songs even more. The first one I've heard of his is InshaAllah, Palestine Will Be Free and The Chosen One, but my all-time favourite would have to be Open Your Eyes. These songs not only have good beats, but they remind you of all the things we've always took for granted, and they contain good messages for today's Muslims. And he's coming to Malaysia! He's coming to UIA and my auntie, Cik Su, who's studying there, got the tickets! There's going to be a fan meeting and everything! It's next Wednesday, DURING the trials, but Cik Su promised to buy some merchandises though, so I guess it's okay. He's holding a concert at MBSA Shah Alam in two weeks, but the tickets were sold out, too -.- Haaih. Maybe next time.

What makes this mv awesome is that some of the scenes are inspired by the life and teachings of Nabi Muhammad, you'll notice some of them, I'm sure :)