Thursday, October 07, 2010

I currently have 526 items in my 'la pulga' folder.

Salam, hola! :-)

YES. The trials are overrrr. Though, let's not talk about what's the next exam, aight? O.O I got a birthday card from my friends today, and it's got Leo in it! I also got one from Amirah the other day. Thank you so much :D It really means a lot. Insyaallah I'll post it some time around together with how I spent my birthday the other day (including three other posts in my draft -.-) 

The official Leo Messi website is finally up! And lookie here:

A flaw:
I am quite shy
A virtue:
I try to be a better person every day

Shy? Woww, we have a LOT in common, Leo 8D Ok, don't mind me. And of course, there are some other mutual things, but it's between us I'm too lazy to put it up.

Maher Zain was at UIA yesterday, for the Free Palestine program, and my auntie, Cik Su was there. She said that there was a LOT of people, and most importantly, Maher passed through her, and winked at her! Whoaa xD The next fan meeting would be at The Curve! Insyaallah I'd probably go there :-)

If you haven't heard of Maher Zain, well -- okay, I seriously don't have any witty remarks to exclaim here, but, try and have a listen to his music. I kept humming his songs during the exam, and had to force myself to focus on the paper and think about 'how does cutting a part of Mr X's small intestine affect his body mass' questions -.-