Sunday, February 07, 2010

"Smile! Let's see those pearly whites!"

Salaam, allo :D Well anybody who's anybody (that I know of, ehak.) knows that I dream to be a teacher slash lecturer or perhaps a columnist slash journalist or maybe a graphic designer someday. Though on which subject, I have no clue. Yes, I don't. So I'm not really sure of what I'm gonna do in the future. Until one fateful day. Ummi just went to a new dentist, and the bill cost a whopping RMx00 ringgit! But the dentist/or the receptionist said before Ummi paid the bills, that the tools used were from Sweden or German or something.. So that's why it's gonna cost a little bit more than usual.

"Alin jadi dentistlah!"

"Ha? Dentist? Ohh.. sebab kes dentist Ummi hari tu eh?"

She smiled her (insert adjective here) smile and said, "Selain tu, untung jugak tau! Contoh cam doktor, dia ramai pelanggan, tapi every visit tak banyak sangat bil dia, kalau dentist, tak berapa nak ramai sangat, tapi setiap kali visit banyak tau! So tak berapa nak beban sangat la kerja dia." (well except for inserting your hands to the unknown realms of the human mouth!)

"Err.. tak glamor la Ummi."

"Tak glamor?! ... " and she went on her lecture and all.

She said that she had never feel certain about my future profession such as this one. And that perhaps Yana had a better chance of getting a job in the future if she went on and work with me.(ceh, macam dah ada klinik sendiri. ehak.) But who knows? Maybe I'll have to work for Yana, right? It all depends on what Allah has in store for us and they all have their own hikmah.

Really I don't care much about the money albeit people thought that was hard to believe, but really... Ah never mind. I thought, I wanted to be a journalist or a graphic designer before because I love to write and graphic design. After putting more intense thought about it (in addition to reading an article concerning the topic in CLEO, ehak.) I wanted to consider them as hobbies because if I was to take them as jobs, I don't think it will be much fun anymore. It would be more exciting if you can expect the unexpected things everyday and can look forward on carrying out your favourite hobbies at the end of the day. Or something like that.

Then I remembered Ain telling me how her sister got into dentistry in the first place. Her sister didn't know which course she's going to take. I was having the same situation like her sister, not knowing what to take. And their mother suggested dentistry, so she went on and took the course. When Alya and I was waiting at the tuition centre for Alya's mom to pick us up, she pointed at a dentist clinic, named Klinik Gigi Ong or something like that. Then we wild guessed that it's probably our ex-classmate's dad's clinic, since the surname matched and he really is a dentist.

Then Amirah said that she's going to the dentist to get rid of her braces once and for all next month. Yesterday Alya sent me a text that she won't be going for school (yes, school on Saturday) for respective reasons and another is that she's going to the dentist. Oke oke, these are all just plain coincidences, but then I visited thestar online just now and saw this article at the most visited section. I dragged the mouse into the title. A line appeared underneath the title, denoting that it's clickable. I clicked it. Twice. aweeesome eh? :D (=_=). This came out.

Dentistry was mentioned second! Oh wow. Of course me getting a JPA scholarship would be a little far out, but I'll try my best, insyaAllah :) Well, I'm not really sure if dentistry is going to be my future career though I feel a good feeling about this one. But sometimes mixed. Well probably because I don't have perfect teeth (AND perfect grades!) like dentists have xD But well, who knows right? InsyaAllah I'll make the right choice with guidance from Allah and my parents, family, friends and all.

"Jadilah dentist, Alin.. Bolehla buat free of charge check-up untuk adik-adik, family, kawan-kawan.."