Friday, February 12, 2010

At the 500th, starts the first.

Salam allo :) Well, by the time I start writing this, it's 0042 hours. Already February 12th then. Usually if I was staying up late (usually studying or performing optional prayers or sunah prayers, insyaAllah, though admittedly, not so much, tho, heh.) I'd succumb to sleep eventually, sooner or later. I was downloading this movie, (500) Days Of Summer about two or three days ago. In blu-ray even! *wink wink* I was doing my homework and after noticing that the movie had fully downloaded, I decided to watch it. Yeah, I'm oredi in the holiday mood oredi. CNY! Hope Uncle Wong would give us angpau again this year. mwaahaah.

So anyway, I watched it just now and well, it's really quite good. Though you should know upfront that I don't write movie reviews that often or that well nor do I fancy criticizing bad movies and just let the bad ones that I just happened to watch whisk away and it won't be engraved in my memory for long. But I guess, I'd just make a short review as an exception. Well, this movie is good :) (good start, eh?) Or is it because I'm a sucker for nonlinear narrative? If you're my classmate and friend (or my English teacher, ehak.) you'd probably know that I usually applicate flashback techniques of the sort in my narrative essays. Don't ask me why, it's just that I like doing so, simple as that. Anyway, albeit its tagline, "This is not a love story, it's a story about love," you probably can guess anyway that it's a romantic film that adds a splash of comedy into the mix. You know, romantic comedy.

"This is not a love story,
it's a story about love,"

Sure it had some a wee bit flaws, but anyhow, the main thing that is that it taught me a lesson. That although something that we had found was perfect, flawless, irreplaceable and that we come to love for it, but it turns out, at the end of the day (or 500 in this case) you lost it, someway or the other. You feel that there's an empty hollow hole inside of you where your heart should've been. But you shouldn't give up on hope, because maybe it's just that it's not meant to be. Allah has fated for it to be the way that it is, and there would be a reason behind it, and we'll find out eventually why insyaAllah and that's it's for the best. Yes, the ending was awesomee :D But anyway, it made me fresh-eyed again! So I was doing this BM essay and seeing more homework in queue... not so much. Solution? Coffee. Yeah coffee.

No sugar. Tidaaaaaaaaaaaaak!