Tuesday, February 02, 2010

292 to the 22nd! (And 17th on the 2nd)

292 days.

Look! The Slave Production in a big Magnitude has even gotten into my cellular network!


Sory. Salah. November. Hehe.
xO ahhh x lama lagi!
Tulah. Huhu. Tapi tarikh amali kite x tau.
Apa itu amali? Itu lisan ah?
Kte pun x sure. Hehe.

Then we texted about where can we tuition for chemistry which is also about slave production in a big magnitude! What is happening to the world! >:O haha. Ok then, I've fulfilled my desire to post the second post of February and ranting more about slave prod.. you get the idea. Have a nice day :) Wasalam.

May Allah always bless you :D

(shu's on the left!)
amirah shuhada

She's funny, loves to laugh and always smiles.
She sometimes converse Kelantanese slash Terengganuan with me.
She's a talented leader.
She's very friendly.
She's a strong person.
She taught me a lesson or two about life :)
She loves Innuendo's Belaian Jiwa like me and Hidayah :D

(hope you like those coloured markers we gave you! :D)