Tuesday, February 16, 2010

17 on the seventeenth!

May Allah always bless you :D

(the right doing 'tarian kipas tangan', ehak)
She has a talent in graphic designing.
She can design animations! (jeless...)
Adores Xiah Junsu from DBSK.
Adores Jesse McCartney.
A fellow fan of Taylor Swift, too :D
A big fan of Taylor Lautner.
She shared a womb with Aishah. They're twins lah :D
Though she's the younger one.
Her favourite in Ouran is Kyota, Hanisah's too.
An up-to-date person with the latest entertainment news.
Sarcastic. Sometimes :P
She always answers questions coolly. Like really cool.
This is what Amirah and I found about her. haha.
She's friendly and giving (especially in lunch, ehakehak)
Loves the colour orange.
Likes the number 13 and Roxas from Kingdom hearts.
She's my friend :)

(in the middle)
She completely adores/loves/engrossed to Jae Joong of DBSK.
She always put "kita" behind every time she said Jae Joong.
She loves baking (and good at it, too!)
She shared a womb with Mariyam. They're twins lah.
Though she's the elder one.
She has a full box of DBSK things.
She spend lots of money on DBSK things from Puan's or Sze Yuen's catalogs.
Her favourite in Ouran is Tamaki, like me and Amirah :D
She's kind and giving (esp in lunch, mwahaha)
Did I say she's a fanatic of Jae Joong?
One of the first to finish up a homework (and one of the first I'd
look up to copy copy. hehe takdela, kurang dah la, hehe. betul :D)
Although most times she would get sick or hurt her hand and
goes to the hospital, she's really strong about it.
She's called 'tangki minyak' in her sports house coz she runs fast. Really fast.
She's my friend :)

(hope you guys like the hoodie tee, SHINee album and that Kingdom Hearts thing we gave you! :D)