Sunday, February 21, 2010

"I got lost in the sounds."

~ Regina Spektor, Fidelity

Salam, allo :) I've always known to fancy slow and soothing music, like folk or nasyeed, a bit of country is great as well. Though pop songs are fine, but the genre doesn't stand in the apex of my taste in music. Well, I guess that's never gonna change!

At the end of the movie, "Narnia: Prince Caspian" I was mesmerized with the song playing in the scene where Peter and Susan decided not to return to Narnia and that they had learned enough of what's there to learn in the place. So I scouted for the song and then I found it, the song was entitled 'The Call' and was sung by a certain 'Regina Spektor'. I downloaded the song and it stuck in my head for weeks on end and even got to my siblings too. I even recorded a video on Amanda singing the song which was pretty funny and she was only 3 or 4 at the time.

Then I watched (500) Days Of Summer and the catchy tune of the song at the beginning of the movie attracted me, so I went on and searched for the song, and it was sung by Regina Spektor too! The song was very good and the title was 'Us'. Then I started to have interest in her music, then I stumbled upon 'Fidelity' and 'Hotel Song' which are awesome as well. 'Us', 'Fidelity' and 'Hotel Song' have catchier tunes than 'The Call' but I love all of them just the same.

Give her music a listen, perhaps you'd love some of the songs :D Oh yeah, by the way, the third Narnia movie is coming sometime this year! Hope it's after SPM tho, ha.