Thursday, October 01, 2009

"They're afraid of making a fool of themselves."

"Driftwood is a song for the person in your life who has so much potential and, yet, doesn't use it because they're afraid of falling on their backside, you know, they're afraid of making a fool of themselves. But, yet, if they put their minds to it and just threw their plate out the window, they would actually do a lot with it and make themselves happy and other people happy."
- Francis Healy (lead vocals of the AWESOME band, Travis)

Well, I guess each one of us has something to learn from this song. Don't hold back of what you want to obtain the most out of fear and anxiety of what might happen. 'Cause we don't know of it. And we won't until we try. Just hold on, hope for the best and enjoy the ride. Well I guess I should follow my own advice, haha x]