Friday, October 30, 2009

Two down, five more to go.

While they are happily celebrating their independence and chatting about the shopping excursion, I was exploding my head doing my exams! D: Isk isk isk. Since I went to Sarawak on Friday until Monday (dan mengutuskan titah hari Selasa cuti sendiri) that is the 23rd until 27th, I missed three days of the final exam. Bunyi best eh? Ni amik best kau: Three days = seven papers. uwaaaaaaaaa ~

Takpela, amik ni sebagai cabaran yeaah! Ummi kata kena tengok secara optimistik jugak. Ye betoi cakap Ummi. Bolehla study lebih masa skit dok? Haha :D And today I took the English exam. Originally, I went to Pn. Ellysha accompanied by Alya to discuss ofwhen I could take the exam. I expected and had high hopes she would say next week. After I explained and gave my father's letter (most of it was written by me. haha) to her of my absence and wanting to sit for the test, I said,

"So.. when can I take the test?"

"I have to take care of this class first (the class, form 2, was having an exam) then you come by to my room at 8.30 yeah? Do you have any other exam today?"

"No I don't and it's Chinese now, and then we'd have PJK at 11.15."

"Ok, so you have to be finished by 11.15."

"Err, teacher, can't I take it next week?"

"No, nanti soalan bocor already," she said.

"But I'm a good and an honest student, teacher, I would never ask my friends what came out! Heck I won't even hurt a fly teacher! (takde kaitan pon) I am very honest and incredibly awesome, teacher, I.."

Errr, that might be exaggerated. Haha no lah, I just agreed and spent 30 minutes to study English literature before the exam. 30 minutes! What can one learn in 30 minutes? Well except for "I won't ever go holidaying during the exams again" but what can I do oredi? Except reading the texts in an impossible pace and cramming my head with its contents. Tapi tidak mengapa, ini cabaran yang mesti aku tempuhi! Ceeh cam novel patriotik mana tah..

So Pn Ellysha gave me the two English papers at one time for me to finish. If combined, the time that it would take would be about 3 hours and 45 minutes. I took the exam in about 3 hours. THREEEE hours! Following Amirah's advice, I spent most of my time at the essay. It was pretty rushed and you should've seen my handwriting, it was unreadable! (i hope not la) Or was it like that the whole me-being-a-student time?? No lah. Dok? Moving on. She came to check on me sometimes and expressed her sorry that I couldn't have a longer time to finish it :,) Tapi takpe.. ini cabaran yang mesti aku tempuhi. Asat tiba-tiba patriotik semacam nih? Bulan Ogos dah 2 bulan lepas kan? (takde kaitan pon.)

And she checked on me again and exclaimed that it was already 11.30! The last time I checked Alya's watch (borrow for a while.. heheh) was 11.29 and couldn't bear to see it any longer as I forced my hand and brain to work to finish up the essay. I didn't even get to check anything.. but never mind insyaAllah okay. As I wrote the last words, Pn. Elly said it's okay for me to finish up the essay and that she'd take the PJK exam paper for me. I mean not answering it for me, it's taking the paper in her hand and give it to me from her hand. Caught up already? Good. Moving on. But by the time she came back, I was already finished and could sit for the PJK paper in class.

"Terima kasih eh cikgu. Dan sori sebab menyusahkan,"

"Ala, takpe, baik awak pergi cepat. Takyah risau la, PJK exam boleh lorek je,"
(haha :D)

Alhamdulillah habis pon. I entered the class at 11.40 and was ONLY 25 minutes late. Most of them were already finished -___- haha. So then, five more exams to go! InsyaAllah sukses! Hwaiting!