Thursday, October 22, 2009

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

~ Henry Miller

Salam allo :) Well you people *cricket sounds* well, any of you out there may or may not, probably, or not, by chance noticed that I haven't been blogging for about almost two weeks now, dok? Well, it's because of the curse of the man-eating exams, the finals, actually to be specifically stress-inducing (or sympathy pursuing to us schoolchidren) The exams started off with the Mathematics papers and Biology Paper 3 on Monday 20th and will stress-relief-ly end next Friday. But, tomorrow I won't be sitting for the exam until Monday! MWAHAHAHAHA...!

Well because I'll be going to Sarawak tomorrow, insyaAllah. We (meaning all eight of us) never went overtheseas together before, so we decided to go on a holiday together overtheseas, together. Laut China Selatan, that is. And we booked the flight for MONTHS and decided to set off on 23rd October on non-school-holidays period because of many advantages :) (lu pikirlah sendiri!) Little did we know, it was during my exams -_- My sisters' school distributed a list of holidays and exams for the year early this year, so it's easier to plan anything ahead, but my school doesn't have that kind of luxury.. But, never mind, because, frankly I don't really mind though, really. Really. All in all, I really looked forward for this, especially with my beloved family :)

Alya ordered the gula lada thingies and Ain wanted/recommended a cake, she described chocolate, and she said it was really tasty (I love tasty! :D err, sori jakun sikit) but she didn't remember what it was called but it was not kek lapisla. Gue tau la kek lapis tu ape, dah jadi makanan ruji raya hari tu. Kuikuikuih. So pray for us to depart and arrive safely, insyaAllah. Amin.. Jazakullahu khaira :)