Sunday, October 04, 2009

The second, third and fourth.

Salam, allo :)

The finals are coming! In three weeks! Before, three weeks is like a heck of a long time for me (betoi), not to study though but to be doing completely un-getting-better-exam-grades things. Only a week before (or sometimes, the weekend before -__-) would I rekindle my on-off relationship with the books. (but first, let me blog a bit first. hehe.)

But now, it's the finals! And next year insyaAllah I'd be sitting for my SPM examinations. Which is a big deal. I was studying just now (dgn bangganya ceh) and a glance at all the complicated sentences turned me off a little. So I checked on youtube for educational videos (on plasma membrane permeability) and found this:

Yeah the first part is a bit ya know, but it was quite entertaining and informative at the same time.

And next week we'd be presenting a err, presentation in Chemistry. So we decided to ponteng on Friday (on the second) to prepare it (ye, we missed the Hari Raya celebration at school :/) at Hazirah's but most of the time is allocated for watching movies. While preparing the presentation, Hazirah announced almost every minute that's left to watch the movie. 30 minutes, 28 minutes... kahkah.

We watched a horror movie "Coming Soon". I was a bit ego-ish at the first part though (silently ego-ish :P) where my friends screamed 'cause I thought that wasn't terrifying at all. But towards the end, it's not that reaaaally terrifying either, just --- errr, alarming. haha. Although most of the time towards the end, my view wasn't really on the screen though. Hehe. So, thanks to Hazirah for providing her house for us to prepare it (and to scream).

Two large pizzas. Compliments from Aishah -- till next Monday
where we've to pay her back -___-

A glimpse.. Haha dont worry, this wasn't a scary part. Or was it? Mwahaha.
No lah just kidding. Or am I? Ok, I'll stop now.

Birthday cards and a box of chocolates for Airina (25th Sept) and Hazirah (1st Oct)! :D

And yesterday (on the third) was my four-year-old sister's concert! It was held at KDU and my family was at awe at all the accommodation the school has got. Nice landscape, elevator, a really cool canteen and all. Whoaa :O And I don't think what I saw was even the half of it. Back to the story, Ummi was very proud of my little sister because well, she's four and it's quite amazing that she could remember all of the dance steps.

And then we head to a Giant hypermarket at I'm-not-sure-where-because-I'm-not-a-very-keen-observer-thus-worrying-if-I-could-be-a-good-driver-when-I-got-my-license where we had lunch at Ummi's favourite restaurant, JM Bariani House which was a pretty hearty meal (even hearty-er to my mom, cause well, it's her favourite restaurant).

Well that's all for the update! Nowwww - back to studying.