Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A 12-hour trip from KB to KL.

Salam, allo. Just another random update. Well my family and I had got back from KB on Saturday and guess how long it took? HALF A DAY. 12 hours, 720 minutes, and count-it-yourself secondsss... Really. On normal days it would've took about 8 hours but the road was SO PACKED that we had to take an alternative route that is through the kampungs and FELDA residences.

And it was quite of an amazing sight to see. We went through mini bridges (steel, thank God) across a river (or tali air, not sure) and lush greeneries and listened to Baba of his childhood experiences at the area (Kuala Krai) and not listening to Baba's stories (ambo dok tengah tido lah masa tu, kuikuikui) and we couldn't help but thank the creators of the GPS (and the Creator of all Himself of course) because without it, we wouldn't have gotten through the trip without traffic jams Alhamdulillah :D (which was repetitively remarked by Baba. I guess he wanted to remind us how skeptical we were when we first know of his "significant investment". :P) Although.... at some point there were two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Hehe yep this is a line from the Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken (Form 4 syllabus) and Hazirah's favourite (line). tehee.

And just at the exact moment when we were about to ask a group of young men where to head to, a chubby man was putting on a chair a homemade sign that says "KE KUALA LUMPUR" haha. And he points to the sign and triumphantly says "BERRRRESSSSS!" while putting his arm in a "showing off my muscles" position and moving it up and down. (I did my best in explaining orait..) kuikuikui. Kitaorg dok tergelak-gelak masa tu and said thank you to the man. Kitaorg buat andaian yang dah ramai dah yang bertanya sebelum tu. kahkahkah. Here are some pics:

Alternative route.
Through a kampung.
MashaAllah, a nice view :)
Another "significant investment" although it's pretty useful when
you've got two toddlers who tend to throw tantrums when they
get bored on long trips. Sigh, kids these days are so privileged :P
Yana goofing around in my uncle's-soon-to-be-wife's car.
(in Jawi: "InsyaAllah selamat")
Alhamdulillah selamat sampai :D

We departed from KB at abt 9 am and arrived at abt 9 pm. Although it was a looooooooooooooooong trip, Alhamdulillah we arrived safely :D And back to school. Ambo terkena virus. Virus malas nak gi sekolahh.. Mwahaha. Although I was quite happy to meet my friends again but the happiness seems to be dripping out of me in the form of sweat when the exam odour is in the air. It was to be on 21st of October. In three weeks. WAAAAAAH.

Doakan kitaorg berjaya ek, trimas :)