Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the fifteenth :D

Salam, allo. Well get ready for the "feast of the eyes" 'cause this is going to be a very long post xD (baca tau! berapa lama ambo tulis ni! tapi break lagi lama laaa...mwaahaha) Well as I promised here's the post about my birthday.. Well at school in Biology, we've to dissect frogs. About a few days before when the news broke out Amirah and I refused to, (sbb kesian.. x]) while the others want to for academic's sake.

So... the day comes. Underneath Hsin Yi's table (they bought them from her), there lies the frogs. Ribbiting.. well tak pon sbnr-bnrnya. Behaved jgak la.. Balik kpd citer, mmg katak-katak tu besar la.. She said the ones she bought are the ones to be eaten one. But the ones on Cheo Well's table are hugeeee.

So... the time comes. Being the caring-for-animals-in-an-enormous-scale of a person Amirah is, she cried. I was quite shocked but knowing her, I knew that she cared tremoundously for the frogs. Mulianya hati awak x) and she RARELY, perhaps NEVER cried at school. We comforted her and Alya, although at first she intended to dissect her frog that she shared with Airina, she refused in the end (GO ALYA & AIRINA!) when she saw the frogs "suffocated" by the chloroform. And she let her frog go :) And the next few days she isn't really quite over it. As you can see from her newly-cared-for-after-SIX-MONTHS-of-no-posting-whatsoever blog.

are you over with the frog thingy?
no, not really. this morning when i go to school, i saw a leaf on the streets. thought it was a frog. so, i kinda panicked.

Yeah I remembered that this morning xD When that happened I just laughed at a normal rate, but after reading this, it was really funny to remember! xD hahaha. hehe sori. So.... here's some pics:

Listening attentively to Pn Yuslina's briefing. ye la tu amalina. haha bgs sgt la tu.
An outlook. Well..
This is where Hsin Yi's frogs are kept.
Pn Yuslina let us to bring cameras and handphones that day to capture some
memoirs. But after that, she'd let us for her to keep until after school-hours.
Trimas cikgu, mujur cikgu tak pi jual brg2 tu. :P
This is the part where the chloroform comes in :(
Hazirah watching attentively as Hanif covering the beaker.
And this guy here is so tough! (i was talking about the frog not Hanif LOL :P)
We've to put about 5 cotton pieces (soaked with chloform) in for it to faint

And the part were the class had to put the frog in the black box thingy is where screams
and shrieks are most likely to be heard. 'Cause some are still awake at the time! I didn't
scream, I merely jumped back with a little tinge of fear surprise. In this pic,
this tough guy here (again, the frog!) is still awake. So they tried to put a
beaker and put some more chloroform-soaked cotton on its head. Poor frog :(
Hanisah and Aishah, (bakal) pakar bedah terkenal dunia.
Haha :P Diaorg nampak cam pro betol la!

Yay Amirah is okay again! She was quite sad and she NEVER cried at school before (read her blog for further detailsla) and she's tough (mana taknya, dia menang pertandingan taekwando peringkat kebangsaan ooi!) and she cares for animals a lot. Alhamdulillah last last dia orait je. Tapi sbnrnya Hazirah & ambo paksa dia amik gambar. hehe.

Same tak same tak? Same dok? mwahaha.

Pastu hari tu Hanisah, Aishah & Hanif pi tanam katak2 tersebut. Dan tadi kitaorg pi tengok sekali lagi kubur diaorg. Ambo baco kat satu blog ni dia kata kalau kita bunuh katak untuk tujuan eksperimen, di akhirat nanti katak tu akan jadi pepasir di dalam syurga :) Wallahualam, ambo tatau la jauh mano kebenarannya tu, tapi kita wat semua ni untuk tujuan yg baek yakni untuk mempelajari makhluk Allah :) ceh. aku amik gambar je hari tu. tak sentuh pown katak. hehe. Pastu insyaAllah cuti sekolah selepas habis prkse kitaorg plan nak pi shopping! hehe :D

Ohrait moving on. Banyak lagi ni. Bawa bersabar ek. Sikit lagi wahai pembaca sekalian. Pastu time nak buka pose tu ambo pilih Burger King! hehe birthday girl la katakan. Lama dok mengidam Whopper Burger tuh.. Emmm yum yum. Nak promote kejap.

Kesian Baba asyik mkn kat luar buka pose bulan ni. Kitaorg kalau ada special occasion makan kat luar. 27th August anniversary Ummi & Baba, 29th August birthday Nini, 9th Sept birthday Ummi, 15th Sept plak, ehem, birthday ambo dan seterusnya 23rd Sept birthday Baba plak.. Hehe. Walaupun lagi bes makan kat rumah, tapi takpe sekali sekala kan. ceh.

TO BE CONTINUED -out- 10.51 pm, Sept 17th.

BEING CONTINUED -on- 7.09 a.m. Sept 18th.

Alrightie then. Where were we? Oke oke ohrait, pastu dah sampai kat dpn Burger King kat dpn Tesco tu, terlebih awal la plak. Maka ambo ngan family tersyg pergila ke Courts Mammoth. Mammoth is the right word for it 'cause it's really big (duhhh) For what reason we went there? Tgk free TV la, pe lagi?! :P

Pastu satu TV ni tgh pasang citer Little Mermaid III yg kitaorg tak tahu pon wujud, so kitaorg (ceh kitaorg ke? :P) pergi rewind sampai ke awal citer tu! Bole gituh? xD Wat cam harta sendiri la plak. Sampai ambo leka tengok-tengokkan si Arissa tu. Hehe mujur Ammar ada. Boleh harap jgak ko ye :P Then it was time to leave.

Alhamdulillah, time buka pose. Burger King tu kat Petronas, maka kitaorg pon solatla dekat kemudahan surau.

And when we were about to go home, Baba decided to buy a cake for me, Burger King has something similar to a cake that is Hershey's Sundae Pie or something like that. Three pies and it's time to go home.

Baba decided to go to Secret Recipe next to buy some more cakes! (we are a family of 8 mind you...) And on the way, my siblings sang me a birthday song! The first time was pretty jolly. They sang really loudly and when the song was finished, they blew out invisible candles x] then they blew each other out. haha dasar bdk takde kerja.

Pastu dah lama tu, diaorg nyanyi sekali lagi.. Eh eh, slowla plak! x] pastu time tiup lilin halimunan tu, slowww je. Haha nampak sgt dah ngantowk. Alhamdulillah sampaaaai pon ke Secret Recipe tuh.

Rambang mataaa..

We bought three pieces of Chocolate Banana cake. And we ate the cakes immediately after being safe and sound in our home x] So... here's some pics:

Chocolate Banana cake. Demo tengok je la dah habis dah pown. Mwahaaha.

BK's Hershey's Sundae Pie. Sedaaap :D

Ummi & Baba menjalankan upacara suap menyuap kat anak sulung diaorg ni, Ammar amik gambar. Sampai rasa nak termuntah mkn kek byk sangat x] hehehe. Sbb baru mkn burger Whopper yg besar gedabak tu (it's bigger than regular-sized burgers). It's too much for an Asian tummy to handle, haha. Pastu last-last Ummi & Baba suruh action je mkn kek tu, sbb nak amik gambar sbg kenangan. Haha :D

Wow! Finally we had reached the end of this post (i think i can hear some sighs x]). It was a great birthday and I feel so old x] SIXTEEN oredi? Wowww. Time moves so fast. I could recall being on my first day at school and cried.... It seems just a while ago. Well as time passes, I hope that I could improve on many things, spiritually, emotionally, academically, physically, being-a-good-daughter-friend-sister-ly, insyaAllah. Thanks to Ummi & Baba and my family and to my friends for everything :D