Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oooo, balik kampung, hati girang! :D

Salam allo. Well today is rather ought to be wrote down in history of its peak. MY BIRTHDAY! xD Hahaha. Well there are quite many that had happened today and quite many homework to catch up since I was absent yesterday (and today's homework too...) So couldn't quite update now. So this is probably the last post for a while lah. Not that anybody really cares, I think :P

We'll probably depart on Thursday morning insyaAllah. We decided to set off earlier to avoid the horrible traffic jam. Srsly, if your kampung is at Kelantan, you'd probably worried of the traffic jams too. Once, we travelled for a whole day! And once, the traffic jam was so bad that we have to turn back and to set off the following day! And to make it much worse (feeling sympathy already or not? :P) there are no highways to Kelantan. Srsly. Kerajaan punye psl la ni (lu pkr la sdr :]) InsyaAllah Aishah kata nanti ada kot. Harap2 ye.

Hmm harap2 semua anak2 Kelate kat KL ni tak pikir benda yg sama nak blk awal hari Khamis ni! Haha :P So I've to pass up my PEKA Chemistry earlier than the others! Maann, no copy copying in the last minute as always :P

edit: UPDATE! 16:34 on September 17th.

Well, we decided to balik kampung on Saturday. 3 am in the morning. Yes :) Well desperate times calls for desperate measures! All this to avoid the horrible traffic jam. All you Kelantanese residing in KL would probably agree. But don't agree going back on the same time as us eh! Cucuk biji mata tu karang! (bak kata alya)

And ye, I've got the chance to copy copy in the last minute! :D Hey, saling mencopy bkn mencopy copy yee.. Bagai aur dengan tebing la katakan. ceh.

edit: UPDATE II! 12:08 on September 18th

Well, changed it again x] We decided to depart today in the evening, I think, insyaAllah. Which shows that we may have the power to plan, but Allah has the power on everything. Err, insyaAllah it's the right translation to "kita hanya mampu merancang, tapi Allah menentukan segala-galanya." :D