Sunday, November 08, 2009

Salam allo :D

Chatted with Amirah a few days ago, among the topics are of the shopping thingy (insyaAllah jadi :D), SECRET thingys (serius jahat masa ni xD), me disturbed by my sister weeping the middle of the night, she by her cat, orang mengigau and me playing a prank of the year on her MWAHAHAHA, Yoo Seung Ho, and she asked me where I bought cardigans. So I remembered a website I used to go that is and been following it since late last year or early this year (not that you care eh?) And the admin's been on hiatus for months and now she's back again :D For muslimahs, this website is for you as it features style for the modern urban women (ceh I don't think I'm qualified for that term yet xD), but still covers the aurah. But non-muslims can get some style ideas too from here :)

This website features Q&A on hijab, others' experiences of wearing hijab, style ideas like abayas, hijabs, and particularly the website's admin's fave, cardigans or long jackets worn over (almost) sleeveless dresses (most of them knee-long) which is my hijab style right now. Comfortable and hijab-friendly :D Although my style is much more simpler than the ones in the website because I don't like accessories or complex patterns that much. Less is more for me :) And I DONT wear high heels -.-

Here are some of the interesting pieces for hijab style ideas I found on the website.

Long cardigans worn over long dresses :D

Cardigans not exactly your cup of tea on sweltering days? Try this! The dress looks uncomfortable
for hot days, but according to the website it's made of lightweight material so it's comfy :)

Alya made me like pink now x) But only dark and deep pink not bright ones. Nevertheless, this outfit looks cute :)
Though for me I'd wear it with a simple long t-shirt. And WITHOUT heels. Looks so unstable that one O_o

I love simple stripes! :D Though for me I'd wear a simple cardigan and NOT wear high heels -.-

Love the middle one. Suitable for work-outs! Though I don't work out xD Except when hari sukan is approaching mwahaha.

And look at these abayas from! Nice eh? :D Sure if you got 50 pounds lying around for each. But I
think it's quite reasonable, because abayas are quite expensive as they're made from high-quality material.

And it even caters to women who are up-to-date with the latest trend like ruffles, stripes and such. The admin researched for what's hot on the runway or what the celebs are wearing, and scavenge for pieces that suits to Muslim women to cover the aurah. For example:

There are some other celebs featured too like Julianne Moore and Rachel Bilson :)

Waist-chincing isn't very hijab friendly as it reveals the body shape (i like the green one though :D) but you can still style it like this:

The belt can be worn under a cardigan or a jacket so that the body
shape can be concealed but you can still style belts! Genius eh? :D

Though the pieces featured in the website are pretty expensive.. And even expensive-r converted to MYR -___- But never mind you can get some ideas here and just mix and match of what you have or buy almost identical things (or the same concept) and far more cheaper than the ones featured in the website. And for me, my outfits are much more simpler (dresses and cardigans), and I don't care about trends as long as it is comfy and hijab-friendly insyaAllah, and I dont wear heels -_- or accessories and I usually wear sling bags, but it's up to you to style it and it doesn't matter if it was from the 50s because it's one of the ways for you to express yourself. For even more style ideas, go to the website: