Wednesday, November 25, 2009

After years of no graphic designing...

... well I finally designed a graphic! Not exactly years berkurun-kurun ke pe, it's been almost a year because of certain circumstances.. Ceh, padahal -- maleh nak bitahu. This one I basically just slapped on some brushes I just downloaded on the plain window thingy. I didn't do anything really, it's all thanks to the ones who designed the brushes themselves. Actually I was just testing the brushes and patterns I've just downloaded and then came my sister Yana and said

"Ni untuk birthday Yana ke?"
"Errrr... Yana nak ke?"
"Nak nak!"

Takkan nak menghampakan dia kan.. Because last year I made graphics for my family and friends for their birthday but then I stopped recently because of said circumstances. (ceh, padahal --- maleh ah nak bagitahu!) So I asked her whose picture she would like for me to add on, and she said "Miley Cyrus." ditolak. "Jonas Bros." double tolak! "Selena Gomez!" errr.. So then we decided to put on her other fave artists that is Taylor Swift & Paramore. Paramore? -__- She and I have completely different music tastes (kalau melibatkan muzik2 yang agak 'ganas'. ceh, orang pakai drum sikit dah kata ganas dah, ehakehak)

But my graphic designing is wee bit rusty because there's too much going on there and it's kinda messy in my opinion but I guess it's ok.. Anyway, Yana I hope you liked it! Ceh cam dia baca blog ni.. Okla, tanya dia sendiri lah, dok sebelah je sebenarnya.. Ciao, wasalam.