Friday, November 13, 2009

Inside out.

Salam allo :)

Jon McLaughlin. I knew him (ceh macam kenal betoi betoi je) from a song in Enchanted, that is So Close. I was crazy for that song when it came out in the movie and if you noticed he had a cameo in the part where Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey danced in the ballroom.The lyrics were meaningful, and the emotion he displays brought even more depth to that song. Ceh, I sound like a pro (mwahaahha) but really I just loved how the song goes :D

And here's another song that portrays almost the same qualities , Beautiful Disaster. From my point of view (or actually listening) it's about a girl who are still searching for the things that she want to be. She had people in her life (family and friends) but none seemed to accept her in her opinion. She defined their compliments as lies and that it's just a way to be polite and perhaps the "magazine" bit in the lyrics telling her that she's not perfect, that she has to change herself in every way possible. Or perhaps that her appearance is not appealing and she cried when she saw the pictures in the magazine, revealing beauties that she thinks she would never be.

"She just needs someone to take her home" may be interpreted err, differently, but really, I think it means that she needs someone to show her the right path because she's always trying to find a way to change herself, in theoretical, to be more perfect and accepted by the others but she doesn't know that she's just perfect the way she is.
"Cause she's just the way that she is, but no one's told her that's okay."
~ John McLaughlin, Beautiful Disaster
Well I think "beauty and appearance" is the one of themes in this song, so I guess girls are pressured by demands of perfection by the world on how they should look like, how they should dress and that they should have the blond and blue eyes thing. and that girls do all this to be accepted by the community, well specifically by err boys.

"Every magazine tells her she's not good enough, the pictures that she sees make her cry." This verse defines the pressure and thinking that we need to be flawless from top to bottom and "what matters the most is inside of you" thing is heck ridiculous. Now that's ridiculous. Outlandish preposterous bizarre. Absurd and contemptible! Queer and unusual! Err,okkaayy looks like I've gone a wee bit far but thanks anyway

Thinking that on the outside alone is the only thing that's to be? HECK NO! You may be be flawless on the outside but it will clearly be outshone by what's inside. Yeah I know it screams
"yeah yeah you're trying to make us feel oh so better, whatever dude! go back to the rottenness where you belong! jerk." Err, I might need some practice on witty remarks.. And anyway I'm a girl too (haven't you noticed? -.-) so I understand all this, and had (very) low self-esteem in the past, but Alhamdulillah I now understand of what's more important and that everyone is really beautiful :) I mean really, if you took a moment or two to put a thought about this, EVERYONE and I mean every single thing is beautiful in their own way, everything of Allah's creations are beautiful, and would be even more beautiful it comes from the inside too :) (insyaAllah...)

Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty.

Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty. This verse doesn't mean that you've to be Miss Universe or something! But it means appearance is vital too, meaning that practicing cleanliness (and looking presentable) covering the 'aurah insyaAllah and displaying manners such as speaking in a not-harsh tone and with well manners to your parents or to the community and all those things. This is the true meaning of beauty in my opinion, insyaAllah and acts as an identity to yourself, your religion, your country et cetera.

And do not speak to the people with your face turned away, nor walk proudly. on the Earth, for Allah does not love any self-conceited, boastful person. (18) Be moderate in your gait, and lower your voice, for the most disagreeable of all voices is the braying of the asses. (19) (Surah Luqman:18-19)

For form 4 muslims, you may heard of this verse in Surah Luqman in the Agama syllabus, giving meanings that appearance in terms of manners is important too. This verse teaches us to be in good terms with all people (regardless of race and religion), to not dwell in arrogance and boastings, and speaking and conversing in a well-mannered tone and not like donkeys (ass) like stated in ayat 19.

All in all, don't worry of what one sees you as, because you know who you really are and that you're doing the right thing, insyaAllah and stick to that. And abstain from judging people of what they look like, pretty doesn't mean that she's an evil world dominator (-.-)and a bit less doesn't mean that she's not and vice versa. And the most important thing is, it's not about being who everyone else wants you to be, it's about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it. InsyaAllah, we'll all find someone who will. And err, don't get me wrong, I'm NOT in the lo vey dovey phase! Yet.. But never mind, the point is, being yourself and that's all that matters :)

And I think that it's cute great that it's coming from a guy because these type of songs are usually sung by women, so I think it gives you some kinda comfort to know that some really do understand :) Oye, here's another song of Jon McL's. Beating My Heart. He had a new haircut in this one :DD Here's the links to Flickr users to whom I owe for the pictures thanks :D