Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eleven on the twenty-fourth :D

Salam allo :D I just want to wish my beloved sister Adriana EPI BEDAY deh? May Allah always bless with with His rahmah and grant you His hidayah in times of need insyaAllah and that you'd get your iPod Touch (ceh.. iPod touch tuhh..) that you always wanted and that Jesse doll too! Thank you for always tending to my every pestering order need and that I can always fool around around you. ehak ehak. HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY! :D

Sixteen on the twenty-third :D

And also EPI BEDAY to my fren who shares the same name and the same kampung! :D Kelantan that is lah. May Allah always his bless you with His rahmah and grant you with His hidayah insyaAllah dan demo boleh jupo Yunho & Donghae so haghi nati deh dan boleh kawin denge doghe ko.. mano tao deh? Tapi jange sapa doghe bermadu plok doh? Gapo gapo pung, HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!