Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kemudian. Kapal terbang. Rumah.


Hah, awk nak lagu ni tak? Next plane home. Lagu gapo? Next plane home. Kemudian, kapal terbang, rumah (HAHAK) HAH? Gapo? Takpela Amnas! Ohh next plane home ko? Sape nyanyi? Daniel Powter. HAH? Daniel Powter la! Errr, bolehla. (dalam hati gementar kang kena marah sebab Alya susah payah nak bitau, ditolak oleh sy plak)

Salam, hello :) The conversation you see up there happened in tuition at Cikgu Jamal's house. Adalah menjadi perkara biasa kalau kitaorg berdua bawa phone, bluetooth lagu. (Which reminds me of a joke. What happened to the kid who had too much BlackBerry-ies? He had Bluetooth. HAHAHA :D) Being a typical me, I didn't quite catch what she said. Heheh, sori :]

Actually I can hear pretty well (especially in eavesdropping. haha takdela. adelah sikit2.), I only need some time before the sound waves go through the cochlea so the sound waves can be turned to nerve impulses which will be sent to the brain. Ceh alasan je. Tapi btol, kalau saya dok senyaaap sekejap, bley dengar! Btoi! Tapi kang, nanti orang dok cakap kat aku, tapi aku muka cam tunggul, kena pelempang plak kan. Hmmm. Iskisk. Takpela, redha aje laa.

Malam tu, lepas balik tuisyen, dengarlah lagu tu. Best jgak. Sebab dia cam lagu happy happy gitu. I'm a sucker for "i feel good" songs and slow ones :D (hate the rap, techno ones) So I watched the video just now and the song's basically about the persona is technically somewhere far away and how he's been missing his beloved. I thought, "Ala, mesti tengah cakap pasal gf dia. Tipikal." Tapi last-last, tengok-tengok, dia rindu kat anak dia rupanya. Walaupun tak original sgt, but it's a nice change lah.

Tak tau bakpo, but I like these type of songs where the persona is far away and missing someone. Like Micheal Buble's Home. I was crazy for that song sometime last year. Because these songs not only cater to your listening-to-music needs, but, it kinda teaches you to be grateful and to treasure your beloved ones while we still can :) So I'll guess I'll be humming this song for about two weeks kot. Tengoklah.