Friday, May 22, 2009

The largest boy band in the world.

Salam, allo.

First off, this is due to Cik Su and Amirah. But, I just like the songs, particularly the hit, Sorry Sorry lah. Alya whose music taste is quite particular, is also getting the hang of it.

U. Kyuhyun is the latest member and this was his first video. First appearance 1:46 Although I don't like the video much for particular reasons, the part I adore was 1:56. That smile! :D Cik Su prefers serious-looking men (Korean/Japanese ; real life dunno ;P) while I like the ones that smiles, of course! HAHAHA.

My favourite - It's You. 0:20 0:37 0:42 1:24 2:44 2:50 3:38 3:47 . Err, stalk much? xP I had a lot of time in my hands at the time. HAHA. Hey, not that I have always! :P Ohye, setiap kali tengok video mesti tergelak kat part 3:03. HAHA siaan Kibum. Takpe, dia pon comey jgak :P

The ultimate. Sorry Sorry. AWESOME dance moves, seriously check the video out. Although some parts are weird especially the first part of the video, it has the most awesomest dance moves! Adore the foot thing 1:20-1:26 :D Kyuhyun appears quite a lot in here, the parts I like was the hey hey part 3:16 and 3:40! He also appeared in 0:57 to 1:04.

After Amirah who was a fanatic fan of SuJu, particulary a member named Dong Hae, knew that I watched the Sorry Sorry video already with Cik Su, she asked me which member I like. So I said lah:
"Huh? Muka semua nampak sameeee je!"
Kita kena marah.

So kenalah cari. So dapatlah jumpa. Bukan minat sangat pown. Biasa biasa je. Ceh! xD