Wednesday, December 23, 2009

His inspiration would not fade out, regardless.

Tom Cruise! :D errk moving on.
"His legacy can be summed up to one word: inspiration."
~ Darold Treffert, of the real Rain Man Kim Peek.

This man taught the world an inspiring lesson. And you heard of his remarkable abilities, regarding his powerful memory even though his motor skills are lacking. And before, in his young and tender age where his condition's known as "idiot savant", someone (actually the neurologist) said that the infant Kim would never be able to speak or learn and should be taken out of society. And look at him now, touring the world and inspiring people. Regardless of what the society are saying about you, undermining and underrating your abilities in the present and the future, never give up on hope.

Allah is Just, he creates Man, some able and some disabled. The able are given responsibilities and the disabled are not burdened by the responsibilities that of the able. Moreover, Allah bestow them unique specialties like a remarkable intelligent mind or a very kind heart. This proves Allah is The Utterly Just العدل. Nevertheless, although Kim Peek has passed, his inspiration would not fade out regardless, that even though a person is not what the society intended and want him or her to be, Allah indeed has His reasons, for He is The All-Knowing العليم.

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