Sunday, January 03, 2010

Maal Hijrah @ Terengganu!

Salam allo. Well Amirah & Alya had posted their holidays posts, so I'm busybodying interested to do so too. I haven't posted a holiday post here before so I want to lah for the first time. Here goes! It's quite brief :) Well on the way from balikkampung-ing in Kelantan on Dec 17th (Thurs), we departed for KL through Terengganu. We decided to visit our uncle, Ayah Pi's at Dungun. We first visited Ummi & Baba's college friend, of which her husband recently passed away. She has four kids, eldest entering Form 1 and youngest, who's four is Aqilah whom they call Kiki Lala.

But nevertheless the younger two who my sibs and I play with in the compound were very jovial, and as they chased me and my brother around, they're veery hyper :P On a short note, we played and all which was very fun :D (yesss my inner child was unleashed that day. well among other days, ehakehak). Though that may be, it's amazing how they were able to cope with what's happened, which made us grateful and not taking for granted of what we have.

The next pit-stop was at Taman Tamadun Islam. We didn't expected it and I said to Baba, "Kenapa baba enggak bitahu awal-awal nak pi sini, kalu tok pakai janggok janggok sikit, huhu.." Huhu.. The trip was fun andeducational.. Ok I didn't really listened attentively to the tour guide at the time, how can you not with these bikes? I haven;t rode one for quite some time though I regretted not listening thoroughly for the whol tour but nvm, here are some pics laaahh..

It was fun riding and rempit-ing on these bikes :D
Look at the license plate! :D
Taj Mahal. MashaAllah tengok awan-awan tu :D
Hmm tengoklah sape hok tangkap. ehakehak.
If you know the Taj Mahal history, you'd know that according to legend, it's built on
the "labour of love basis" or samtin, which is pretty ironic if you look closely at this
pic of my parents, the shadow looks like a heart! aww :D Tengokle sapo hok jong amik
gambar ni nyo..And sape yang tiang pegang flash, Mohd Ammar.
Sheesh dia pon nak kredit jgak.
Lompat lompat.
Kuasa lima ~~ bertukarr!!
Normal balik..
Masjid Al-Haram.. insyaAllah :)
(dalam muzium Masjid Al-Haram)
Great Mosque of Samarra.
Goodbye bikey! Mine's the brown one lah, to Alya's despair. :P

We didn't get to thoroughly visit each of the museums because it's nearing the end of Asar, so we prayed at the Masjid Kristal (read the previous post on Dec 18th :D). Then we finally head to our uncle's. Though sleeping early was not in the context considering the reunion of toddlers age 1 to 4 =____= Ajakan pujukan rayuan supaya tak melalak diaorg tidur diendahkan. Huhuhu. The next morning (Dec 18th; Friday), we had breakfast. I had nasi minyak yumyum :D

Then our parents brought us to places where they taught and stayed at when they were in Terengganu about almost 20 yrs ago. Then finally to our home sweet home, we arrived home safely, Alhamdulillah :D