Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coffee Prince(ss)?

Salam aaallo. I've been watching this K-drama, Coffee Prince which is the first K-drama that I'm following. Amirah and Aishah (of course.) watched it and I bet my aunt does too. The first J-drama I've watched is 1 Liter Of Tears of which I didn't watch till the end though, but it is 1-liter-of-tears inducing. huhuu.. Hanif said that he watched it too (couldn't imagine him crying tho ehakehak) And srsly, you need to watch this one! It's really good and hilariously funny! :D The first few episodes started off slow, but the show's getting better and better! :D Since the school work are piling so rapidly that you couldn't say 'Oh my god, another one!' (i'm kidding. that's not logical.) I've been alternating it while watching Coffee Prince on youtube. mwahahha. One of the many advantages of having a computer on the study table in the study room in the house of studiousness in a world where studyment plays quite of an important role among other important things such as of spiritual, mental, social, health aspects is well, this lah. One of the disadvantages is:

Yes. It is what you think. One window is of a not-yet-17-year-old's essay being copied into her exercise book. One is of a 4-year-old's idea of web surfing. One is of a 1-year-old's entertainment method. While a 9-almost-10-year-old doing her homework 2 cms away from the not-yet-17-year-old. Much pushing here and there ensued.