Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Q&A with Amalina by Alya.

What is your current ringtone?
Weezer - Island In The Sun. My parents, Yusuf Islam - Your Mother. Message alert, Jon McLaughlin - Beating My Heart.

why do you name your cats with out of blue names?
Cats I do not 'ave, oui. But I do HAD a turtle bought from Dina named Squirt, Crush's wee son in Finding Nemo. NOT the actual turtle la! haiii some people ah..xD

which one is your favourite?
I loved all my pets, although they're gone already but I'm sure they're going to a good place, insyaAllah. Oye, btw why are you asking all these pet qs? Oyeee... Alya hok buat nih.. hehe :P
do you tend to talk more malay or english?
Malay. But I try to speak English more, especially since the oral test.. hemmm...

what, do you think, your friends should not know about you?
That I... is that a trick question? D:<

what kind of music do you like?
Songs that are not loud like the songs nowadays, the rhythmic beating and whatnot. I love songs that are soothing and calming, but sometimes pop is okay too, but it depends.

can you tolerate with people who practice racism?

is there anything you want right now?
being a human being, of course there are.

what is you favourite colour?
green purple blue.

do you curse on some situation?
yessssssss, but only if I'm alone. hey I've to set examples for my 5 younger siblings aightt? ceh...

what's your favourite outfit?
kalau kat rumah biasa biasa ajela, seluar sejak berzaman dulu pon gue masih pakai.. If I'm out, usually pants with a long dress and a cardigan over it. Tapi kalau nak pi pasar ke pe, pakai seluar trek je la..

do you like skirts?
Yes, it's the school uniform (erk schoool!!) and if i want to wear shorter (in length) tops but nevertheless I still wear pants with it xD Even during hari raya! to the horror of my aunties... (apparently it's unladylike)

do you still adore F1?
Not since Montoya stopped I guess.

which would you prefer, selena gomez or demi lovato?
Demi Lovato (yes Alya I know you dislike her with much dislikeness :P). But I only just like her songs and she has a good voice and I love her song, World Of Chances (cmon, give it a chance and listen to it :D) It's really good. She wrote it with John Mayer. Oye I watch Sonny With A Chance on youtube too. hehe. The show's quite funny. Heii Amirah pon tgk jgak tau! hehe..

mawi or siti?
Well some of Mawi's songs is okay (much to the horror of Hazirah, I'm sure, hehe :P) but I prefer Dato' Siti's more :D

flatties or heels?
Flat flat lee.. Doesn't the ability of people wearing those towering horrors bother you?? Wow youre weird ah. ehakehakk..

what are you wearing now?
A shirt saying "Get off of my face, stalker!" ceh, ganas jgak aku nih.. hehe takdela..
what do you do when you surf the net?
I think I might want to scout for the actual shirt.. Ceh, takdela.. Emm entahla, tengokla,
erm, david cook or david archuleta?
I don't know both of them much (memang laa, tapi fahamfaham je la) so I don't think I'd judge to answer this q.
kris allen or adam lambert?
Emm same situation as the previous q, but I like Kris' version of No Boundaries more. (excuse the pinkness of this answer) :P

indonesian tv series or hindustan movies?
hindustan movies.

do you have a nickname?
Alin by my family and Amnas by my friends and ____ by.... ek ekkk, terjauh ke depan plak.. Mitok maap la deh..

are you over with the frog thingy?
Errr that's 3 months and 1 day ago.. So see to it in my previous post about thatlaaahh.. Reminisce isn't one of my priorities now.. Finishing this survey is one! :P

then, why did you agreed to dissect it?

any discoveries that you made recently?
That Mokchik the cat has died :( She was a stray kitten around my grandma Tok Wan's house and my uncle said perhaps that Yana bathed her so frequently and my sibs fed her unfittingly that it died because it's still so small. Poor Mokchik..

i assume that you like to watch house, md?
When it's happened to show on AXN, insyaAllah I'd watch. The show's quite good. (ceh, Baba dah pasang astro kan..)

what tv series that you can never miss?
Before, Nur Kasih.. but it's over oredi.. isk isk.

any possesions that you treasure?

number one ranking?
dunno, I have my number ones.

chocolate or ice cream?
hardest q in this survey!

any songs playing in your mind now?
not really.. usually I do.

end of survey :D