Saturday, December 05, 2009


Salam, allo :D Well I haven't been posting and updating my blog for quite some time, so.. here it is:
  • I'm in KL already, the update section saying that "I'll be going to Kelate this Thursday" is approx 1-2 weeks old :)
  • So back home from kampung safely alhamdulillah, and the "kampung" is visiting by :D hehe (Tok Ma & Tok Abah)
  • So I've been having intensive tajwid and Quran lessons from Tok Abah, besides twice weekly with Ustazah Sarina (glamor kan nama ustazah? :P)
  • I learned "hukum rho" yesterday which is pretty interesting and although he's pretty strict in correcting my recital, but it's nice learning from him because he's not easily mad or anything. And I've learned that my tajwid know-how is reeheeeelly quite low.
  • Is it because that Tok Abah's (one of) the Hakim Tilawah in Kelantan, or is it just me. Yeah I think it's me.
  • And I also asked him with whom or where did he learn Quran, he said he has learned with the imam Masjid Negara :OO Not sure the present imam or bekas, but imam masjid negara, that's something.. And he also learned with Ustaz Nik Jaafar, the father of Ustaz Nik Azizan in Mari Bertarannum! :OO
  • So which makes me having low self-esteem because of all his effort to learn Quran from these teachers while I just learn Quran every time Ustazah came by though sometimes I learn by myself but nevertheless memang tabik spring kat Tok Abah :D And that's encouraging for me to learn better and to recite better insyaAllah :D And I'm the first grandchild so I guess that's one of the reasons.
  • And he also asked me to list the salasilah keluarga on a piece of paper and when I stopped at the grandchildren (us) I didn't stop there, I didn't know why I've further the list down to my children's names -___- Heck it was well-hidden before! (ehem ye ke?) I've listed about six and my sister Nini puts just about oh nine names.
  • And then Tok Abah asked a favour from me, to name one of my children of his xD But then he decided for me to put his name beside every boy's name I had. And he asked me to change "Alwi" to "Alawi". Cehh glamor jgak atuk gue nih.. Mujur tak Awie sudah (fuhh ~) kena cek dengan suami la dulu.. hehe
  • I've learned from Tok Ma that kuih chek mek is made from ubi keledek (or ubi stelo in Kelantanese) and there's a pretty funny story behind it but who are you for me to tell? sheesh. ceh asat tiba-tiba ganas nih? :P
  • Hazirah's parents arrived home safely from performing Hijrah alhamdulillah :)
  • Baba plugged in Astro! Wohhhooo syukur :D
  • We'll be having a study section in our house (though I dont know why I just told you that) so it's encouraging for me to study for SPM, but the room's not done yet so it's safe to blog and Astro-ing right now. (now I do know why I just told you that! :D awkwardd...)