Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aku kembali kerana masih mencari yang hakiki.

SUNDAY, JULY 05, 2009

Oh yeah, Ummi and I are crazy liking TV3's new show, "Nur Kasih". Dia bukan macam drama lain yg wajib ada perebutan harta, projek besar, banglo besar, anak yg belajar kat luar negara, org upahan bla bla bla yg akhirnya tak tgk habis pon x) Mmg Nur Kasih ada kriteria yg nombor 4 tu, tapi cerita dia lain skit. Walaupun Ummi & sy tertinggal bbrp episod, tapi citer tu mmg best. Banyak pengajaran boleh dipelajari. Kitaorg tak sabar sabar nak tgk episod seterusnya Jumaat depan :D mwahaha.

Salam :D Remember this post approx seven weeks ago? Yeah I know I said that this story hasn't those criterias I stated but as the story expands and the characters develop, I realized that there are some typical Malay drama criterias slotted in there. Tak banyak sgt sbnrnya tapi 'projek besar' tu ada la plak :P But still I love this show all the same :D You fell in love with the characters and you care for them and most of all the cinemotography's amazing! Mmg cun lah tempat2 dia pilih nak shoot. :D

And there are some unexpected twists jgak yg tak selalu ada kat citer-citer melayu & the actors have done a pretty good job, some are pretty convincing in their roles. Ceh mcm terer je cara ambo ckp nih xD Convincing tu mmg agak convincing jgak lah. And the theme song.. Mmg bes! Dulu masa kecik2 agak minat jgaklah kat lagu2 Yasin ni tapi tak ingat mana satu. The theme song entitled 'Nur Kasih' is quite catchy and it really stucks to your head. Heck even during the exams last week I was humming that song! Btoi! Besides that, there are quite plenty of moral values that can be learned in this show.

I didn't even know there are quite a lot of fans of this show until Hazirah told me that she saw Cik Suzi watching it on her laptop at school! xD kuikuikui. And I went to the website and some fans are 'complaining' that the duration of each episode is so short (ye btol jgak, iklan pekemain lama!) and some are asking for it to air two times a week and all.

Secara keseluruhannya, citer ni best jgak. Good piece of entertainment and some moral values can be learned along the way.